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Many trainers or those from other industries look to set up and run their own training and consulting companies, but it's a lot more complex than hanging out your shingle. In this section, you'll find help with all the different aspects of starting and running your company, gleaned from the experts.

Fees: Should I charge by the hour, the session, or participant for training delivery? By Robert Bacal
Deciding what to charge, and on what basis to charge is an important part of your training business. We look at charging by the hour, the session or project and look at advantages and disadvantages. Hits: 562 )

Do You Have The Skills To Start and Run a Training Seminar Business? By Robert Bacal
Most trainers underestimate the skills required to start and succeed with their own training companies. It's easy to start a business, but it's hard to actually succeed, so here are the types of skills you will need. Hits: 625 )

What Are The First Five Things I Need To Do To Start A Training Business? By Robert Bacal
If you are considering starting your own training business, here are five steps to execute to examine your ability to make it work, and to prepare you for starting up. Hits: 575 )

Training Business Strategy: Differences between seminars for intact work groups and open seminars? By Robert Bacal
If you start or run a training business, you need to know that focusing on working with "intact work groups", where your client is a single entity, and running "open" training, where individuals can sign up as individuals are completely different business models that require quite different approaches. Here's more. Hits: 539 )

How much do you market yourselves? By Training Journal
Great discussion on the challenges of marketing your training offerings, and business. Make sure to read the comments and discussion since that's where the gold will be found. Hits: 585 )

Fees: Different Ways To Charge Your Training/Consulting Clients By Consultant Journal
Excellent extensive article on the various ways an external company (i.e. consultant or trainer) can charge fee-for-services. Not written specifically for training businesses, but after all, we are all, in effect, consultants. Must read. Hits: 550 )

Privacy and Confidentiality: What is said in the Training Room should stay.... | Training Journal By William David
Discussion of a topic of relevance to the experienced and less experienced trainers. You WILL face this as a trainer: Your employer/client will ask for information about what transpired in your training session. What do you divulge? What are your obligations? How do you present the issue to participants in the session in the first place? There's no one answer, but here's a good discussion to provoke your thinking. Hits: 524 )

Should I Be A Generalist or Operate In a Training Niche? By Robert Bacal
A common mistake beginners make when starting their training business is trying to offer services in too many subject areas. The reason is that if you claim to be able to do everything well, prospective clients will balk, because they know that a new company that takes the generalist perspective is likely to excell at nothing. Hits: 557 )

What Qualifications Do I Need To Start A Training Business? By Robert Bacal
For people considering entering the training industry, we look at whether you actually need formal qualifications to start or run training. The simple answer is no, but if qualifications imply expertise in subject areas or learning, then while not mandatory, they can help you be a better trainer. Hits: 567 )

What is the best day for training to reduce absenteeism and fatigue? By Training Journal
Is there a best day for running training, if you are given a choice? It's a good question since one challenge for trainers is actually getting people to show up, ready to learn. Cancellations and no-shows can be real issues on a business level. Hits: 497 )

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