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Most of us understand long and short term memory, but there's a third type studied by cognitive scientists, working memory. It's a kind of scratch or work area, and it's been studied for it's relationships to mental disabilities, aging changes, child development and more. It's important to understand working memory to better develop instruction.

Working Memory and the Classroom By Tracy Pakiam
While this article looks at the link between teaching in classrooms and working memory, it's a good primer for understanding working memory for adults too. Looks at strategies for instruction. Hits: 367 )

BPS Research Digest: Working memory training does not live up to the hype By Monica Melby-Lervag
Meta analysis of research on working memory training suggests it's not all that useful. Clearly the jury is still out. Hits: 383 )

Training Working Memory: Why and how For Learners By William Klemm, Ph.D.
Written for the average person, learn how you may be able to learn to use your limited size working memory more effectively and become a better learner and performer. Hits: 387 )

Working Memory and Cognitive Load By Ian Matheson and Dr. Nancy Hutchinson
Excellent discussion of working memory and cognitive load, why they are important and teaching strategies tied into these important brain functions. Hits: 431 )

In Defense of Working Memory Training - Beautiful Minds - Scientific American Blog Network By Scott Barry Kaufman
Excellent Scientific American article on whether it's worth training people to take advantage of their fixed capacity working memory. Recommended. Hits: 534 )

Research: Memory training interventions for older adults: A meta-analysis By Alden L. Gross et al
Academic meta analysis of research on memory training interventions and their effectiveness with older adults. Great if you work with older populations. Hits: 391 )

Research: Does working memory training promote the use of strategies on untrained working memory tasks? By Darren L. Dunning
Academic research article on working memory training, replete with tons of references. Hits: 370 )

How can we enhance working memory? By Bradley Voytek
If working memory is essential for learning and performance, and it's relatively fixed in size, is it possible to enhance it? That's the topic of this article. Hits: 429 )

A workout for working memory By SADIE F. DINGFELDER
An American Psychological Association article about whether it's a good idea to train people to better use their working memory. Hits: 481 )

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