Can We PLEASE Have Better Webinars?

Webinars have become exceedingly popular as technology has improved enough to allow providing training and instruction using combinations of online and off line media. Sadly, the webinars I have attended have been awful, boring, and often too short to really accomplish anything.

That wastes people's time and even if you are offering free webinars to potential customers to encourage them to buy your books or other training courses, keep in mind that if they aren't really learning at least a few things valuable to them, just because something is free doesn't mean that it's good marketing.

Top : Webinars For Learning: How To Improve The Webinars You Deliver

Webinars have become more popular both as marketing devices, and as a means to provide training that reduces travel and other costs. Here we'll cover how to make webinars work.

24 Easy Activities for Keeping Webinars Engaging By Angela Gunder
Good, albeit basic suggestions on engaging webinars, but the catch is that it's hard to engage people and keep webinars short. As with traditional training, the more activities the less "material" covered. Hits: 434 )

Tips for Effective Webinars By Maria H. Andersen
Webinars have become much more popular as learning activities, but what does it take to make them effective? Hits: 757 )

15 Tips for Webinars By Patricia Fripp
Webinars can't be run like face-to-face training sessions. Here are fifteen specific tips to help make webinars effective for learning. Hits: 804 )

5 Memorable Webinar Formats to Try By ANNA MAZEREEUW
Break out of the boring standard format for webinars by trying some of these alternative ways to deliver training via technology. Hits: 586 )

Tips: That Was a Bad Webinar, Wonder Why? By Matt Bovell
Covers the three essentials of a good webinar: technology, content, and style, with suggestions about how to maximize learning by tweaking the three components. Hits: 752 )

Everything You Need to Know About Running a Webinar (And Then Some) By Alex Manthei
Badly executed webinars are just terrible. Here's how to set up and run webinars that work, and don't suck. Hits: 854 )

The anatomy of a highly engaging webinar (and the least) By Adobe
Research by Adobe on characteristics of engaging vs. non-engaging webinars. Hits: 439 )

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