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Don't miss our "shorter form" mini-guides that we've produced to serve as summaries of various topics like performance reviews, conflict management, interpersonal communication, management and leadership. They have incredible value as course handouts, and training takeaways. To view our mini-guides, click here. (Note: many of our books and mini-guides can be bulk licenced so you can save up to 85% if you purchase in volume).

On this page you'll find mini-guides on training and development, and tools for teaching and training managers on how to make performance management effective, and the employee review process.

More Mini-Guides For Leaders, Managers, Supervisors

It's not easy to be a manager or leader in today's era of great change. The workplace has changed a lot, so it's more important to forge relationships WITH, rather than rely on formal power of position to get things done. So, on this page, you find a few mini-guides just for managers, or those that train, coach and mentor them. You'll find several on the relationship side of leadership and management, and several on doing strategic planning, and making the resulting plan a signpost for all your staff.

  • Key Engagement Factor: Manager and Leader RESPONSIVENESS

    There are all kinds of theories about what makes an effective leader, but here's something you probably haven't considered. You ability to "connect" with followers depends on the relationships you create, and that depends on your ability to exhibit "responsiveness" on an interpersonal level. Learn more about this different take on leadership.

    Read More About Responsive Leadership

  • Strategic Planning Mini-Guide Pack

    We've combined two of our mini-guides on strategic planning into one lower cost guide. Learn how strategic planning can be used for hiring, training, performance management, and of course, to keep your company "on track". Includes an explanation of all the components, and a detailed graphic to help guide you PLUS tips and ideas on how to make your plan a dynamic living document, rather than something that goes ignored at the back of desk drawers.

    Read More About The Strategic Planning Pack

  • Delegation - Magical And Ill-Used Way To Change

    The benefits for managers who are superb delegators go way beyond just saving time. Delegating is a way of developing staff, recognizing their abilities, showing trust, and, when done correctly, has no obvious negative side-effects.

    Of course the challenge is to delegate effectively, and that's where this helpcard comes in. We'll map out all you need to know to delegate effectively, and even if you are a veteran manager, executive or supervisor, you'll almost certainly learn about some of the delegation subtleties you hadn't thought about.

    A seven step process so you can train your own employees.


  • Influencing YOUR Boss

    One of the major aspects of both leadership and management is the ability to INFLUENCE going upwards, to have your ideas heard, and to make your case, for example, for more resources, or changes you believe will help the company. This mini-guide will explain techniques to influence UPWARDS, so your ideas will get a good hearing.

    Read More About How To Communicate More Effectively Up The Chain Of Command

  • Presenting Bad News To Resistant Groups

    If you speak, present or communicate with groups, particularly if you have bad news to impart, you MUST be prepared for group resistance, ranging from subtle to heckling.
    Learn to cope with the most difficult and resistant groups, by learning the skills and advice we provide in this mini-guide.


  • There's Lot More For Managers and Leaders

    While you are here, don't miss out on checking out our tools to help you manage performance effectively, and solve the puzzle of doing performance appraisals.

    Browse the rest of our tools on performance management and employee reviews

    You may also be interested in my full length books

  • For Those In Leadership And Management Development

    The mini-guides in this section are short, which is a good thing, but there is amazing depth if you want to use them in leadership development sessions, or even in casual informal learning and coaching. For example, the Responsive Manager mini-guide seems simple, until you start working with managers to define the BEHAVIORS that exemplify responsiveness.

    Read More About Identifying Training Needs

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