Training Needs Assessment Step By Step Helpcard

Training Needs Assessment Step By Step LearnBytes Helpcard

Learn To Conduct A Training Needs Assessment To Maximize Return On Investment (ROI) For Training

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Not Just For Trainers And Instructional Designers But Ideal For HR, Managers

Trainers and instructional designers tend to skip the needs assessment process to save time, but if you are either, you are going to miss the mark if you don't do it. The process in this mini-guide is manageable and practical.

But it's also VERY important for managers and human resource professionals trying to decide how to allocate scarce resources and money for training. Doing proper needs analysis involves tying learning to JOB TASKS, or else it doesn't work.

You'll learn how in one of our more popular publications.

One of our best sellers, because it's simple, practical, and we translate all the "fancy" instructional terms into plain English

Finally, a basic, thorough approach for determining what staff/employees need in terms of training, AND communicated in a way that any manager, HR professional or executive can understand. Doing a training needs assessment can be relatively simple (our choice) or quite complex. If you want to upgrade the skills of your employees AND benefit from the investment in training, this is a MUST read. Short, to the point, and in plain language, it's the starting point to ensure return on investment (time and money) for training.

The Point: Whether you are a manager, a trainer or a human resources professional, you want to make sure that the training you set up for employees helps your organization and the people in it succeed. You want a return on investment, and you want training to be seen as relevant and valuable by the people that attend. The main tool for ensuring that these goals are met is the training needs assessment, or analysis.

Training needs analysis or assessment ensures that training addresses real and important business or productivity needs. It links training to real world results and goals.

We've developed this helpcard to assist managers, trainers and human resource professional in carrying out training needs assessments, and we've put it into plain English.

What's In It: Written by training expert and instructional designer, Robert Bacal, these step-by-step instructions provide a road map for conducting a training needs analysis. We explain what a training needs assessment involves, and how to go about doing it properly. Here's what's included::

  • Characteristics of training that pays off
  • Training needs analysis overview
  • The Steps
  • Identifying performance gaps
  • Techniques for identifying gaps
  • Prioritizing the gaps
  • Identify the causes of the gaps including use of "the seven why's technique"
  • Deciding whether training will reduce the gap
  • Identifying skills needed and who needs them
  • Hints & Tips

Usage: Ideal for anyone who is involved in designing, contracting for, and delivering training, who wants to ensure that the training will have a positive result.

What's a Helpcard?

Helpcards are designed for people who would rather learn without reading long books. Each card contains clear practical information, tips and guidelines that pertain to the topic at hand. We pack as much information as possible onto two sides of an 8.5 by 11 inch product. If you order the electronic version you can download it almost immediately and print it out on your own printer.

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