Lower Training Expenses with Online Training By Doug Lentine

Summary: The premise of this article is that by using online training, companies can lower training expenses. A word of caution, though. The cost of training should be calculated taking into account the complexities of training PLUS the effectiveness of training. The final calculations about training costs should take into account immediate cash outlay, but often, short term cheapness is long term expensiveness.

One of the problems facing businesses large and small is training. How can you provide quality training to your employees and keep costs to a minimum. The answer for most innovative corporate and business executives is “Online Business Training Courses”. There are a plethora of online business training providers offering courses in any discipline you can imagine.

What are the advantages of online training as opposed to the classroom or on site training that used to be the industry standard? First let’s take a look at the costs associated with onsite or classroom training. First there is the cost of the trainer. Salaries for a corporate trainer can range from $ 40,000 to $80,000 or more. That’s if one trainer would be enough for your organization. Add travel expenses for your trainer to visit your different sites to conduct the training. How about the costs associated with getting your employees to the training? Add to that the costs of lodging, meals, mileage and other ancillary expenses for your trainer and/or employees. Don’t forget the fees for the space to conduct the training. Last, but certainly not least, the loss of productivity of your employees during training. I think you have an idea of how expensive on site training can be. What is the solution to this dilemma?

More and more, businesses are embracing online training. Although nothing can replace the interactive advantages of face to face classroom training, the advantages of online training, also referred to as distance learning, web based training, and E-learning, far outweigh any disadvantages. With online training you can reduce or even eliminate the need for an on site salaried training staff. No classroom space is needed, no meals or lodging need be provided, no training scheduling headaches, and since online training is available anytime from anywhere with internet access, employees can avail themselves of the training on there own time without any loss of productivity. Online training is better for you and better for your employees. Instead of sitting in uncomfortable chairs, in stuffy rooms, daydreaming or thinking about what they have to do when they return to their desk, they can take the training courses when they want, when they are ready. They can lie in bed or sit in their favorite chair. This will result in more information being retained.

Online training reduces costs, retains productivity, and is more palatable for your employees but most online business courses contain basic information that applies to multiple industries. It does not solve the problem of training your employees with your organizational material. Training courses that were created by your company, for your employees, with specific information and material that pertains only to your company would not usually be offered by an online training provider. The only solution is to return to onsite training with a salaried trainer that can instruct your employees on your company specific training, right? No. there is a cost effective solution. The answer is a Learning Management System.

A Learning Management System or LMS, is basically an online training portal which can host all of your company’s training material as well as external training material. The LMS can be branded to your organization with your logo, company name and message. In addition, you can have full administrative rights enabling you to monitor employee compliance and access. This is a secure site that can only be accessed with the permission of your LMS administrator.

Some statistics suggest that between 54 and 127 billion dollars per year is spent on training. A good portion of this is business training. Training is an essential part of the success of any business and the more training you can provide, the better prepared, confident and successful your staff will be. Consider online training as a cost effective way to provide this necessary asset.

Doug Lentine is a co-owner of The Instructor Group LLC. The Instructor Group provides affordable online business training in Career Success, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, Leadership and Management. Learning Management Systems are also available. Please visit http://www.theinstructorgroup.com for more information and a free demo course.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Doug_Lentine

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