How To Identify Underlying Root Causes of Employee Performance Issues, and How To Fix

Diagnosing Performance Problems - A Constructive Approach To Improving Employee Performance

Invaluable advice on how to diagnose and identify barriers to performance regardless of current employee levels.

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No matter how good or bad your performance review system might be, no matter what system you use, or how your record results, ONE element, figuring out what is getting in the way of better performance, is critical if you want things better.

For that reason, diagnosing performance barriers is important and involves some analytic and communication skills that apply, whether you rank employees, rate them, use critical incidents, or, in fact don't even review performance.

Of all the mini-guides we have THIS one is central, applies to any situations -- it's part of good management.

Consider licencing or ordering copies for every manager and supervisor in your organization, and get on the road to continuous improvement, and real productivity gains.

No matter what level an employee is performing at, diagnosing performance deficits can improve performance painlessly.

Most employees work at less than the optimum, but despite a popular belief that performance problems or deficits are caused by employees, it's often the case that it is the system in which the employee works that is causing the problem.

Regardless of why an employee is less productive than desired, it's critical that a proper diagnosis be done of WHY there is lost productivity, before any remedial action can occur.

Diagnosis is an essential part of the performance management and appraisal process.

Performance diagnosis should be a standard part of any performance appraisal or management process. Otherwise, what's the point? We want better performance and more productivity, and diagnosis precedes problem solving.

Diagnosing Performance Problems LearnBytes walks you through the entire diagnostic process so you can get to the real or root cause, all on two sides of a standard size 8.5 x11 inch card.

The skills needed to identify causes of sub-optimal performance are amongst the most valuable abilities a manager can have because not only does it help with the performance appraisal process, it's essential for continuous improvement even if there is no performance management system in place.

But there IS more. The processes and skill taught in this LearnBytes can also be applied to diagnosing larger productivity issues across a whole work unit.


What is unique about this is that we don't just focus on causes associated with the employee (attitude, skills, etc) but also discuss other important contributors to performance -- the system (environment) and manager. This focus on the three contributors to performance make it much more likely you can identify the real and complete causes of problem performance. Here's a summary of the sections:

  • Overview - The Point of Performance Diagnosis
  • Understanding Performance - What Causes Performance - A three pronged approach
  • Diagnosis Step-By-Step (explains the steps and cycles of diagnosing performance problems so you can do a complete diagnosis, and use that information to create an action plan to resolve the problem.
  • Hints and Tips

Learn to identify result gaps, behavior gaps, examine the environment work system, and managerial contributions to performance, and identify employee based causes of sub-optimum performance.

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