Missing steps in the performance management process means you might as well abolish appraisals in your department

Performance Management Master Checklist Help Card

An easy way to make sure that you don't miss any of the critical steps in the performance appraisal and performance management process.

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The Point: For busy people, (primarily managers, supervisors and human resource professionals, who want to ensure that all the important performance management and appraisal steps are followed.

Performance appraisals can't stand on their own without all of the other support pieces involved in performance management. Indeed, if you aren't going through all the steps, you won't benefit at all from the performance appraisal component.

If you skip steps you might as well abolish your performance appraisal process since it will do more harm than good!

The Performance Management Master Checklist reminds you to do the entire process, so you and your employees can reap the benefits of clear goals, feedback, and in the while improving employee engagement.

Maps out the steps of the performance management process from performance planning to the performance review meeting. Formatted in a checklist format so managers can check off tasks as the are completed. Based on our best selling book - Performance Management - A Briefcase Book, the process outlined is integrated with strategic planning and stresses managers as being helpers and partners in performance improvement

The checklist is formatted to allow employees and managers to tick off completed steps. Steps are grouped as follows:

  • Once A Year Overview
  • Performance Planning - Preparation
  • Performance Planning - Scheduling
  • The Planning Meeting
  • During the Year Steps
  • Performance Review - Preparation
  • Performance Review - The Meeting

Usage: The most apparent use is by managers and supervisors to organize the performance management and appraisal process so no critical steps get lost. Another use, less obvious, is to give each employee a copy of the card as a means of explaining what the performance management and appraisal process will involve. We offer significant bulk discounts for those that wish to have employees have their own copies.

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