How To Not Be Intimidated by Your Upcoming Performance Appraisal and Take Control Over Your Career

Take Control of Your Performance Appraisal And Participate Actively

Finally, some help for employees to help them understand, prepare for, and participate in performance appraisal

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Nobody likes annual reviews and appraisals, least of all employees like you who walk in not knowing what to expect, and how the results will impact upon your career and your job. Many employees make the mistake of being passive participants in annual reviews, which isn't in their interests of the interests of the employer.

How can you, as an employee, take an active role so you actually benefit from this common event? That's what this helpcard is about, pulling together all the basics you'll need to ask the right questions, and have the right answers during the review meeting.

The Point: For some reason, most managers and companies spend almost no time explaining the point of performance appraisal to its employees, let alone the process. So, it's not surprising that employees see this process as confrontational, and anxiety provoking, since they are not helped to feel like active partners. If they don't feel part of a process that will HELP them, they aren't going to contribute to it. That means the process will fail.

Getting The Most From Employee Reviews For EMPLOYEES Learnbytes was written to address this, by explaining the process, and helping the employee learn how to be an active and positive contributor to the process.

Based on the best selling book, Performance Management - A Briefcase Book, published by McGraw-Hill, this help card has been written to be used by EMPLOYEES. Its purpose is simple - to help prepare employees to be full and active participants in the performance appraisal process. This 2 sided 8.5 x 11 inch card provides dozens of hints, tips and principles to help employees do that. Here is what's included:

  • Introduction
  • An Imperfect Process
  • What's Appraisal For?
  • Where Are The Benefits?
  • What Makes Performance Appraisal Work?
  • Preparing For The Review/Appraisal Meeting
  • During The Appraisal Meeting
  • Surviving Silly Forms
  • When You Disagree

Employees, Be An ACTIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE Participant In Your Employee Review

It's your career. It's your future. Get this LearnBytes now and use it to prepare for, and react constructively during your employee review. Finally, get the benefits of the performance review process.

For Managers and HR Professionals - Smooth The Performance Appraisal Process By Getting Employees Onside

We suggest that managers and human resource professionals provide a copy of this card to any employee scheduled for appraisal, AND spend the time in advance, to go over it. By preparing the employee this way, you show that you value the employee's active involvement and opinions. We have bulk discounts for companies that wish to use the card with a number of employees.

everybody hates their performance appraisal. Now do something about it.

Get Ready For Your Next Performance Evaluation Right Now

Even if you don't want to buy your own copy, below is a preview that you can learn from without any purchase. We believe every employee should become an active and productive participant in his or her own performance review, because the benefits for your career are clear, and important.


"If you aren't playing an active role in your performance appraisals, how can you possibly get anything good out of it?"

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