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Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook For The Public Sector - Unique, Powerful, Specifically Written For Government


Our "seminar in a book" written specifically for people who interact with customers within the government / public sector context, is the only book of its kind in existence.

Not only is it written FOR government, by a former government employee, but it contains many of the learning exercises we use in our two day live seminars.

Weighing in at full book length (over 200 pages), some consider this the Bible on the subject of dealing with difficult, angry or manipulative customers, regardless of industry. In fact this book has been used by a number of government and universities for course work, including the University of New Mexico Parks Canada, State Govt. of S. Carolina and many more at all levels -- federal, state and provincial and municipalities. Here's a review from a satisfied purchaser:

The BEST customer service resource ever written!, Reviewer: Autumn Bell from ALBUQUERQUE, NM USA

Robert Bacal has filled a niche that has been empty for too long - customer service literature that focuses on the public sector. Most customer service material is geared toward the private sector - retail, manufacturing, etc. Advice on such topics as winning customer loyalty, pricing, word-of-mouth advertising, etc. doesn't always apply to the world of the government agency, the university, or the Motor Vehicles Department. In many public sector jobs, telling people "no" and telling them what they "must" do is a regular part of the job - and this leads to a natural increase in hostility from patrons.

I have researched countless customer service books, programs and resources to use here at our public institution. Not only is Robert Bacal's material one of the only sources geared specifically to the public sector, it is also one of the best sources on handling upset, angry, or hostile customers that I've ever seen - for any type of workplace! Beginning with a four-part model (or process) for defusing hostile customers, he then goes into countless specific tips and techniques that are as practical as they are effective. He goes so far beyond the trite techniques found in other customer service materials to cover topics such as: · how to tell someone "no" in a way that doesn't elicit hostility · handling non-verbal intimidation · verbal self-defense · a step-by-step process for "solving" customer problems · dealing with threats · and much more! Examples of dialogue and written exercises in each section help readers apply the material. We have tried these techniques here at work and the results have been outstanding. I highly recommend this book for anyone who encounters customers, clients, patients, students, or members of the public - whether you work in the public or the private sector. This is the best source on handling customers you can find!

The book itself is based on the Bacal & Associates seminar of the same name which has been delivered to over 10,000 people over the past few years. It was created to help those that could not arrange to attend the live two day seminar.

Contents include exercises for every chapter, with associated answers at the back of the book. Content is drawn from a number of sources, including the disciplines of psychology, psycho linguistics and sociology. But it's written in plain every day language.

Here are just a few of the topics included:

. Nature of Hostile Behavior Click to read
. How Hostile Situations Escalate
. Principles of Defusing
. Art of Self-Control
. Starting Off Successfully
. Using Cooperative Language
. Verbal Self-Defense Techniques
. Acknowledgement Tactics
. Countering Non-Verbal Intimidation
. Referral Techniques
. Telephone Hostility
. Limit Setting

So, take the course, learn to understand and defuse angry people using these techniques.

Why Is Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook For The Public Sector Our Best Selling Book?

  • Written specifically for government (although many purchasers use this book in non-government settings
  • Contains exercises an individual can do on his or her own, to improve transfer of learning, so the skills are both learned and used.
  • Can also be used in mini-discussions, staff meetings and even conferences to help employees learn to deal with the challenging issues of customer service within the reality of government.
  • It's modular, so learners and readers can choose what skills they want to learn, and work on them, without having to read the entire book.
  • Often used as a blueprint for trainers and managers to develop their own training program without having to purchase a generic "dealing with difficult customers" course. Saves huge amounts of time and money while allowing government departments to become self-sufficient in delivering their own customer service training.

But See For Yourself:

We believe you will see why this a unique and powerful way to learn how to deal with even the most difficult customers, and much more innovative the techniques are -- and you will learn new things, no matter how long you've been in customer service. That's why we've made available so much of the book for you to preview and learn from NOW.

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