Performance Management - Why Doesn't It Work

Performance Management - Why Doesn't It Work

A Critical Look At Performance Management Systems

Written a number of years ago, the content of this short paper is no less relevant as a result of the passage of time. While performance management systems, and an over-emphasis on appraising PAST performance could be used as a cornerstone for good management, and performance improvement across a company, it hasn't happened. Why? It's a complex issue that has to do with the origins of performance appraisal, changes in the workplace that have "outdated" the traditional methods, and a misunderstanding about management's role in evaluating, or doing something TO employees, rather than working WITH employees to ensure optimal staff and company success.

We attempt to explain the multitude of factors that militate against optimal use of managing performance. It's a great stepping off point for revamping your performance management systems, to turn them into value added processes, rather than dreaded, "have to" tasks.

The Point:

There is a need for companies to look much more closely at their performance management and appraisal systems, since many are not only useless, but can actually harm productivity and the relationships between employees and managers. Robert Bacal prepared this short document with a clear purpose: To stimulate people's thinking about performance management and to explain in a straight-forward why where the pitfalls lie, and how to begin creating systems that work.

About The Author: Robert Bacal is a noted author, conference speaker, and consultant on the subjects of performance appraisal, performance management and employee review. Performance Management - A Briefcase Book, published by McGraw-Hill is an excellent example of his work, in addition to a number of articles on the the benefits, processes, and means to make performance appraisal and performance management work.

Special Features: We believe that many subjects can be covered quickly, and realize that most of us are all working long hours, and have only limited time and energy left to learn. That's why this book is short, and absolutely to the point.

This book is available in printed format, and in electronic format. If you purchase the electronic version, you save on shipping and pricing, and, more importantly, you will receive your copy within a few hours. This is particularly important if you are in a hurry, or live in far flung parts of the world. No waiting..

Paper version: ISBN 096837221X.

A short concise examination of all the factors that drive performance management systems into the ground, along with some suggestions as to what to do about it. Written by Robert Bacal, also author of Performance Management - A Briefcase Book published by McGraw-Hill.

What's Inside - Table of Contents

Forward - Introduction

Chapter 1 - Traditional Performance Management - The Theory

What Is Performance Management Supposed To Accomplish?
What Does Performance Management Assume About Organizations & Performance?
Is There A Downside To Performance Management?

Chapter 2 - Performance Management - The Practice

Frequency of Planning & Review
On Executive and Management Performance Management
Managers On Appraisal
Employees On Appraisal
On Training & Career Development
On Participation & Goal Setting
Assessment of Performance Management In Practice
Why Does Performance Management Fail? Summary

Chapter 3 - The New High Performance Organization

The New High Performance Organization

Chapter 4 - The Effectiveness Enhancement System

Establishing Requirements
What Effectiveness Enhancement Is NOT!
Effectiveness Enhancement System Requirements Summary Sheet

Chapter 5 - Enter The Customer - Designing Your System

Step 1 - Defining Your Customers
Step 2 - Defining Your Own Needs As A Customer
Step 3 - Identifying What Your Supervisors Need
Step 4 - Identifying Needs of Employees
Step 5 - Bringing It All Together
Step 6 - Consider Other Players
Step 7 - Do It!

Chapter 6 - Innovative Ideas

"Using Your Head" System
Bi-Directional Enhancement
Quality Service Guidelines Model
The Group Appraisal Model
Epilogue - Some Reflective Comments


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