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E-learning is the fastest growing sector in the training industry, and while definitions vary, it refers to the use of technologies, and the Internet to deliver training and learning experiences to learners. We'll address many of the questions and issues regarding e-learning in this section.

Rapid E-Learning: Maturing Technology Brings Balance and Possibilities, Free Adobe White Paper By Adob e
Learn why more skilled learning professionals use these tools and how you can get a solution to keep pace with your business demands. As product life-cycles decrease and speed-to-market pressures increase, the ability to train workers quickly and efficiently becomes paramount to a company's ability to compete in the marketplace. Rapid e-learning addresses both time and cost issues by using technology tools to shift the dynamics of e-learning development. Rather than requiring months to develop learning materials, rapid e-learning takes weeks. Read this white paper to learn how rapid e-learning can make a significant contribution to your training efforts in your organization. Hits: 158 )

Brave New World: eLearning: Back to Basics By Martyn Daniels
Two reports have recently questioned the technology investments made by schools in England. They raise the question of, not whether technology is ready for learning, but whether learning is ready for technology? BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) claim that pupils in England are at risk of missing out, not because they don’t have the digital content, but because the schools don’t have good enough digital connection new Hits: 175 )

Can Virtual Classrooms Recreate a Traditional College Experience? By Kate Freeman
The answer is no, but that doesn't mean elearning in higher education doesn't have its place. The article is a bit light on content and insight, but it might be good to provoke your thinking. new Hits: 202 )

Creating Engaging eLearning Content: 5 Tips for Authors By Erica Zahka
If authoring effective engaging elearning experiences was as simple as applying these 5 "tips", things would be easy. But they aren't. A good example of advice from people who simply don't have much insight into learning online. Also interesting to see that this purported elearning advice is classified as "content marketing". Maybe marketers should stick to marketing, and not giving advice on how people learn. new Hits: 123 )

Are Completions a Good Measure for E-Learning? By David Vance
while there is some e-learning where completions must be tracked, in most cases it does not make sense to measure completions. Measure touches, instead, so you know what is being used. new Hits: 121 )

Improving the 4 Most Important Elements of Your eLearning Course By karla gutierrez
Four areas to look at if your elearning course isn't creating the results you want -- eg. too many people aren't completing. new Hits: 197 )

The seven deadly sins of e-learning - July 2009 By Via Karen Becker
According to Dr Karen Becker, a lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology with a PhD in Unlearning in the Workplace, many people need to unlearn past behaviours before they can accept that e-learning is a powerful teaching and learning tool. Hits: 194 )

eLearning Course Development: A How To Guide - (From the Experts) By Quintus Joubert
This eLearning White Paper provides an overview of the steps involved in the development of an eLearning course. It is intended as a guide to avoiding common pitfalls that frequently occur during the development of a new eLearning course. Depending on the scope of your course some steps may not apply. Hits: 175 )

Balancing Your Job and Your Classwork By n a
For adults returning to school, learn tips on how to balance online coursework with the rest of your life. Learn how to stay on a schedule to succeed and earn your degree. Hits: 567 )

Creating A Coaching Climate By David Clutterbuck
What is a coaching climate? Find out when you read this article. You'll get help establishing a coaching environment in your organization. Hits: 96 )

Supporting The On-Line Learner By Judith A. Hughes
The author places emphasis on the importance of a supportive atmosphere for e-learners and provides encouragement and some advice in an attempt to help develop the learner's independence. Hits: 82 )

Building a Strategic Plan for E-Learning By n a
This is a valuable tool for those charged with building a e-learning strategic plan. Topics include: the deliverables of a strategic plan and tips for a proposed design. Hits: 229 )

JKey Elements of Building Online Community: Comparing Faculty By Pam Vesely, Lisa Bloom, and John Sherlock
Reports the survey results of fourteen online courses asking instructors and students their perceptions about the challenges and essential elements of community in online classes. Both groups viewed community as very important but differed in their rankings of essential elements. Hits: 410 )

Adult Learning - The meeting of adult learning and online learning By n.a.
A nice overview of adult learning that is more accurate than the common portrayals of adults. The author links adult learning with online learning and suggests best ways to teach adults online. Hits: 263 )

Time Management Tips for Continuing Education Students By n a
Tips for time management and workspace organization for continuing education students. Hits: 551 )

E-Learning: The Pros, Cons and Making The Right Choice By Denny O’Farrell
Although championed as THE latest killer application, e-learning does not come without its problems. So how do you get maximum return for your e-learning dollars and how can consumers of e-learning programmes make the right choice? Hippeneur, Denny O’Farrell investigates. Hits: 283 )

Clive on Learning: What every learning and development professional needs to know about e-learning By Clive Shepard
The following copy accompanied the release yesterday of a free 20-page booklet entitled What every learning and development professional needs to know about e-learning: Hits: 250 )

The 5 eLearning Practices You Need to Ditch Now By karla gutierrez
This blog post is a must-read for all eLearning professionals hoping to become better ones this year. We need to STOP doing things in order to improve results or make time for new strategies. Let's make today the day where we stop spending time on the aspects of eLearning that don't work and instead use the time we save to create new and better tactics new Hits: 533 )

Create Engaging E-Learning Courses You Can Be Proud Of By Tom Kuhlmann
You can't just transfer in-class learning methods to e-learning design, and here's a reminder. Again, relatively basic but useful thoughts. new Hits: 92 )

Conversations with an e-learner (E-Learning Journal Article) By Anne-Florence Dujardin
This case study was part of a larger ethnography, which focussed on learners’ experiences of an online Master’s module in research design. In-depth interviews were conducted via instant messaging with one mature e-learner over five months. These sought to capture her perspective in order to gain a finer appreciation of what it means to be a member of an online learning culture. The study confirms the need to structure online courses so that students can develop early in their studies appropriate online social skills. It highlights the value of having a ‘key informant’ willing to engage in reflective conversations with tutors, to understand participation patterns and help foster an online learning community new Hits: 150 )

Is online learning right for me? By n a
Two quizzes to help students determine if they are ready to be an online learner. Hits: 92 )

Earning & Learning: E-Learning Badges Are Hot, Hot, Hot! By LaNita Kirby
Building professional credentials in the 21st Century is both different and fun! Badges--as they're called--are the newest open-source trend to help professionals better define themselves and their composite skill sets. Adding greater internet presence to the bearer and issuer alike, badges bring heightened visibility and credibility to professionals everywhere, no matter the industry. You might say badges are becoming the new social panacea intended to offset every small and great skill or accomplishment that can get lost or go unnoticed if you're still using the traditional resume all by itsel new Hits: 143 )

Tips For On-line Learning Success By n a
As the facilitator of an online course, it is important that you clearly communicate your expectations to your students. In your online course, you may want to include reference links to resources and tips for your students to use to help them be more successful online learners. Here are some tips for success that you should share with your students: Hits: 98 )

Top Instructional Design Trends For E-Learning Instructional Design For 2014 By Catherine Davis
Want to stay current with what's projected to be happening in 2014 in instructional design and e-learning? Here are some predictions. new Hits: 115 )

(Research Article) A study of student engagement in first year undergraduate science modules through weekly self report By Andrew Rosenthal and Peter Grebenik
Research article exploring student engagement within elearning. Great for those looking for empirical data and analysis on the subject. new Hits: 110 )

eLearning Myths: How Video Can Put Them to Rest By Brendan Cournoyer
I recently came across a cool InformED article by Julie DeNeen that looks at the false impressions some folks still have about online and distance learning programs. The post breaks down 30 (yes, 30) eLearning myths that DeNeen writes “need to die in 2013.” It’s a good read for anyone who’s still unsure about the benefits that eLearning, or at least some sort of blended learning approach, can bring to their organization. It also got me thinking. We write quite a bit on this blog about the use of on-demand video presentations for eLearning and corporate training. So how can video specifically help dispel some of these common myths? new Hits: 213 )

10 Advantages to Taking Online Classes By n a
Why taking classes online may be more advantageous than attending a traditional college. Hits: 664 )

Moving Online: What You Lose (and Gain) By Anna Luce
Short blog post on the merits of offering online education versus the real classroom environment. new Hits: 139 )

University Degrees Online For Aspiring Students By Arun Lakhera
The twentieth century has witnessed the growth of e-learning. The universities are becoming online to give an opportunity to deprived students. Today is the age of university courses online. Use of information technology in teaching students has made it easy to award online degrees in various studies such as medical, law, account, web designing, engineering etc. Hits: 662 )

E-Learning Glossary By n.a.
Looking for an explanation for what all those e-learning related terms actually mean? Here's good coverage of the following questions: What is e-Learning? What is e-training? What is Learner-Led e-learning? What is Facilitated e-learning? What is Instructor-Led e-learning? What is Performance Support? What is Online Learning? What is m-learning? What is Learning 2.0? What are CBT, WBT, CAI, CMI? What is Instructional Videoconferencing? What are Audiographic Systems? What are Personal Learning Environments (PLE)? How can I find more about e-learning? Hits: 399 )

10 Interaction Design Tips By Connie Malamed
If E-learning doesn't involve interaction between machine, content and learner, it's nothing more than a book on a machine, and that's not really what learning is about. In this article, find 10 tips to design your elearning with a view to learner interaction. new Hits: 279 )

How to Market Training: Four Principles of Effective Online Learning, Free Citrix Online White Paper By Citrix
Receive Your Complimentary White Paper NOW! "How to Market Training: Four Principles of Effective Online Learning" Download this white paper brief to learn the four fundamental marketing principles of effective online training and see why they should be critical components of your online training strategy. While it's true that online training reaches more people in more places in less time, you've got to do more than just reach trainees – you've got to engage them. That means you need to provide compelling content, choose the right channel and communicate value, just like a marketer would. Hits: 320 )

Accommodating Culture and Cultural Diversity in Online Teaching By Annegret Goold, Annemieke Craig and Jo Coldwell
Reports on a project aimed at understanding cultural characteristics and what strategies are effective in teaching a culturally diverse cohort of online students. Hits: 223 )

10 Damaging E-learning Myths By na
This article presents 10 damaging myths that we feel are contributing to the problems facing our industry. These myths seem to be spreading at an infectious pace. This list isn't intended as a criticism of any existing e-learning company ' we have tremendous admiration for anyone who works in this difficult industry. Rather, this list gives us an opportunity to look again at the assumptions and beliefs that have come to define our dealings with customers. Hits: 694 )

The Online Learner: Characteristics and Pedagogical Implications By Nada Dabbagh
Describes the emerging characteristics of the online learner, the skills needed to learn online, and the pedagogical implications for dialogical models that support learning. Hits: 133 )

Tips and Tricks for Teaching Online By Kaye Shelton and George Saltsman
This paper summarizes some of the best ideas and practices gathered from successful online instructors and recent literature. Suggestions include good online class design, syllabus development, and online class facilitation offering hints for success for both new and experienced online instructors. Hits: 143 )

How to Design Effective Tests for e-Learning By na
Like any training, e-learning should include some way of a) obtaining feedback from learners and b) verifying that they have indeed achieved the goals of instructions. Here's some thoughts on how to design effective tests. Quite basic though. new Hits: 326 )

Ten Tips for Writing an e-Learning RFP/RFQ By Dave Boggs
The many layers of complexity inherent in Learning Management Systems software can make writing an e-Learning solution Request for Proposal/Request for Quotation a pretty daunting job. These tips are designed to give you some suggestions and information to help you with writing an e-Learning software RFP/RFQ. Hits: 95 )

Selecting The Right Internet Tutor By L. Clarke
One important element of tutoring is understanding how to properly select an Internet tutor. When choosing an online tutoring company, it is best to look for one where you can receive value for money. Therefore, it is beneficial to ask the right questions to find the best tutor for your son or daughter. Hits: 589 )

Virtual Behavior Settings: An Application of Behavior Setting Theories to Virtual Communities By Anita Blanchard
Virtual communities are a new social phenomenon in computer-mediated communication (CMC). Within these communities, a sense of place is emerging that may provide a key to understanding them. This paper proposes that virtual communities can be better understood as operating within an emerging environmental form: virtual behavior settings, a concept informed by Barker's (1968, 1978a) and Wicker's (1987, 1992) theories of (face-to-face) behavior settings, altered by considerations of the distinctive qualities of time, place, and objects in CMC. Virtual behavior settings are examined in terms of the emergence and maintenance of setting programs, their participants, and their operation within physical behavior settings. It may be a bit academic for some and appears a bit dated, but worthwhile. Hits: 301 )

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