Improving Effectiveness of Training

How do you improve the effectiveness of training -- ie. learning, transfer of learning, and bottom line, improved business results?

There's no ONE way. In fact effective training involves doing a lot of the little things correctly, from identifying needs to creating just the right balance of content and process, right through to ensuring that the training is reinforced after the seminar, and on the job.

We suggest that you read as much as possible on buidling and delivering effective training experiences, and that's what we're looking at in this section.

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For training to be effective, it can't stand on it's own, but should be part of an overall development strategy that results in creating an infrastructure of learning. Many small things go into making training more effective, and that's what you will find covered in this section.

Team Learning By Dick McCann
The first step in creating a learning organization, argues Dick McCann, is fostering team learning. What are the concepts behind team learning and how do teams actually learn? Dick explains in this engaging article. Hits: 110 )

How Effective Is Your Training System? - Leslie Allan By Leslie Allan
It's hard to improve training if you don't know how effective your training is in the first place. Here's an approach to determining the effectiveness of your corporate training. Hits: 121 )

Musical Learning By Dick McCann and Jan Stewart
Music can be one of the most effective devices you can use to make your workshops memorable. Find out how to select the right type of music for the mood you want to create and practical suggestions on how you can add music to your training for maximum impact. Hits: 90 )

Back To Haunt You: What If It's Your Bad Training? By Veronica Combs
Find out how to repair bad training in your organization. Can it be done? The author of this article offers some advice. Hits: 450 )

Models And Samples As A Resource For Writing By Greg Gobel
The author has researched the use of models to determine how useful they actually are and to discover more uses for them. Hits: 149 )

The Value of Becoming a Learning Organization - Shannon Martin By Shannon Martin
Many companies face the question of the value of investing in organizational learning. Shannon Martin discusses some of the measures you can use in evaluating how learning contributes to the performance of your company. She then goes on to consider how you can tell whether yours is a leaning organization. Hits: 95 )

Appropriate Teaching Materials By Kenneth Beare
A discussion of when to use authentic and teacher generated teaching materials for the class room when teaching English as a second language. Hits: 128 )

Transfer of Training By n a
Learn a few tips about how you can improve the transfer of training (or transfer of learning) in your organization. Hits: 226 )

Get Huge Learning Value From Handouts and Job Aids By Robert Bacal
In tough times, the pressure is on to cut any hours spent in training sessions past the point where learning is impacted, and trainers, speakers, group leaders and even managers have to make do. The use of handouts and job aids can help tremendously in increasing the learning that gets taken back to and used on the job, provided the material is usable on the job, and is easily accessible -- a kind of Just In Time Resource. Hits: 222 )

Ten Tips to Make Training Work: Training Transfer Tips - How to Help People Apply Training On-the-Job By Susan Heathfield
Basic techniques to improve training effectiveness and transfer of training from the classroom to the job. Hits: 216 )

Talking Shop: Use Feedback To Improve Training Content And Presentation By Elisa Suiter
A good trainer will ask for feedback about training content and presentation, and a great trainer will use the feedback to improve presentation skills and course content. Read some of the advice for making improvements here. Hits: 581 )

Teaching Multilevel Adult ESL Classes By Cathy C. Shank and Lynda R. Terrill
This digest recommends ways to choose and organize content for multilevel classes; it explains grouping strategies; it discusses a self-access component, independent work for individual learners; and it offers suggestions for managing the classes. Hits: 284 )

Training Is A Process By Beth Peakall
Just like Rome, training doesn't happen in a day. It takes time to bed in and become a natural part of knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs. But do we support that process? Hits: 212 )

Statement of Teaching Philosophy By Tara Kuther, PhD.
Do you know how to articulate your teaching philosophy? Do you know what goes into a statement of teaching philosophy? Find out here why and how to prepare your statement of teaching philosophy. Hits: 90 )

Teaching Low-Level Adult ESL Learners By Grace Massey Holt
This digest provides information on how to identify and assess the instructional needs of adults learning to become literate in a second language; it discusses general techniques that facilitate instruction for these learners Hits: 156 )

The Basic Theory of Learning with Stories By Jan Stewart
In this article, Jan Stewart draws upon the latest brain research in explaining how stories are such a powerful learning tool. Hits: 120 )

Basic English Curriculum for Teaching ESL - Grammar By Kenneth Beare
This basic English curriculum can be used for lower level ESL classes. It includes all important grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking objectives that should be covered in a ESL course. Hits: 123 )

How to Influence Others When You Have No Authority or Power: By na
Trainers often lack formal authority in the workplace, and have to rely on their own creativity to be heard, or to get a seat at the table. Here's some advice. new Hits: 581 )

Getting Past Major Learning Barriers By Kevin Eikenberry
There are some common barriers that get in our way of being the most productive learners in training: we are forced to be there, we don’t see the learning as relevant or valuable, and we feel like we already know the material. While these barriers are real, there are things we can do to jump over or break through these barriers – to make the time invested in these situations more valuable and useful to us. Hits: 121 )

How to Improve the Effectiveness of Training By Leslie Allan
Organisations spend billions of dollars on employee training annually, yet research indicates that little of this results in real benefits. In an environment of shrinking training budgets and the move to greater accountability of training departments, Les Allan reveals how you can increase the impact of training. Hits: 194 )

Seven Secrets Of Successful Training By Mike Wills
These great training tips are accompanied by illustrations -- easy to call to mind whenever they are needed! Hits: 182 )

Tips For Building An Effective Training Organization By Wendy Finger
If your business plan includes implementing an in-house training organization, here are some tips to help you get off on the right foot. Hits: 853 )

Top 10 English Lesson Plans By Kenneth Beare
Here are the 10 most popular English lesson plans from this past year. These lesson plans provide comprehensive review for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners. Hits: 121 )

Training Best Practice By n a
Is your training management system becoming more effective and efficient in delivering organizational capability? Many training professionals have continued to move their organizations towards training best practice. Find out where to start. Hits: 161 )

The Language Experience Approach and Adult Learners By Marcia Taylor
Although the LEA (language experience approach) was developed primarily as a tool for reading development, this technique can be used successfully to develop listening, speaking, and writing as well. This integrated approach is unique in that it begins with students' individual or shared experiences as a basis for discussion, writing, and finally reading. Hits: 318 )

Assessing Professional Growth in Skill and Use By Jamie McKenzie
A primer in the fine art of program assessment. Hits: 106 )

How to Lecture By Amy Shea
Your goal should be to teach your students some of what you know, not to prove how much you know on the subject. Plan for your lectures to focus on the important aspects and let hand outs and reading cover the rest. Learn more about lecturing in this article. Hits: 125 )

Redefine Evaluation By Sue Vineyard
First of all, reshape your definition of 'evaluation' by substituting the word 'suggestion' for it. Then realize that those 'suggestions' are opinions that you can act on, accept, file in the 'interesting file'or throw away with the trash. Hits: 120 )

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