Sales Training Methods and Issues

Sales training, no matter how good, can't turn someone who has no aptitude or comfort with sales, in to a top producer.

What it can do is turn weak salespeople into average ones, and average ones into better ones. And for the "sales naturals", they might benefit too, but they are already the top earners.

Fortunately, evaluating the return on investment for training salespeople is probably the easiest ROI task in training, since measures are often made in terms of volume and revenue.

But you have to watch out, because individual improvements in sales numbers, may not indicate successful training, but successful sabotage of co-workers.

Just something to think about. Part of sales training should be about the skills required to increase individual sales, but another component should address how each person could and should be contributing to the success of the entire sales force.

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Sales training is more obviously important than other soft skills training, because its effects on the bottom line are obvious and measurable. Poorly skilled sales personnel simply do not generate sales and income.

Staff Training Wine Sales By Bill Asbury
If you need to train your resaurant staff in the art of selling wine to your patrons, you won't want to miss reading this article. Hits: 123 )

Great Sales Training! Too bad it won't last - sales training that works By Jack R. Snader
Written for sale training, but the principle applies regardless of topic, this article suggests that training without ongoing coaching and support after training will simply be forgotten or wasted, and suggests alternatives. Hits: 105 )

How To Find A Winning Coach By Kimberly L. McCall
IF YOUR SALES FORCE IS FOUNDERING, IT MAY be time to bring in a sales trainer, A sales trainer can fire up your team by teaching real-world ways to close more deals. Here are a few tips for finding a superlative sales coach for your team and your budget: Hits: 106 )

How A Little Seasonal Staff Training Saves Big on Credit Card Costs By n a
Outlined are some of the more common situations where improperly trained staff may make costly errors. Get started thinking about how you need to train your seasonal sales staff. Hits: 139 )

How Building A Sales Team Works - Training By LeeAnn Obringer
A good overview of a successful training program for your sales staff. Hits: 135 )

Sales Training Strategies By Sales Marketing Network
Recommended. A rather extensive article on improving the effectiveness of sales training that includes help with the content that should be included, training methodologies and case studies. Hits: 127 )

Renault Uses Drama For Sales Training Programme By n a
This is an article from January 2005. A drama-based training session, involving professional actors, has helped the sales team at Renault’s UK parts and accessories business to meet its targets. Hits: 161 )

Sales Training Common Mistakes By n a
Find out why generic marketing and product material will harm your organization's sales training efforts. See how to focus your sales training. Hits: 184 )

The Lie About The Sales Process By Adam Mussa
According to the author, sales training should not be centered around the sales process. Find out what this author considers the fundamentals of training for your sales staff. Hits: 352 )

What is Consultative Selling? By Sean
Consultative selling sales training courses are becoming increasingly popular. Even other sales training classes and sales coaching classes are offering consultative selling as a part of the curriculum. So, what is consultative selling? As any of these sales training courses will tell you consultative selling is a type of selling in which the selling is based on customer needs rather. Hits: 276 )

Types of Sales Training By n a
Provides a discussion of four basic training areas that you need for your sales force training. Find out more about including core sales skills, business acumen skills, individual effectiveness skills, and sales induction and how they should fit into your organization's over-all sales training plan. Hits: 146 )

Why Sales Training Succeeds or Fails By Ron Willingham
An eight page pdf (adobe acrobat document) that outlines the elements of successful sales training, and some of the pitfalls that cause it to fail. Hits: 104 )

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