Guide To Brainstorming For Trainers

Brainstorming - What Is It?

Brainstorming is a technique used to generate as many ideas as possible to address an issue or problem, and involves a particular process where participants refrain from judging ideas (at least initially) to remove the barriers to creativity that come from judging.

Brainstorming As A Training Technique

When brainstorming is used in a training seminar, it's often used differently than where the goal is to solve a specific problem. That's because the purpose of brainstorming in seminars is a bit different -- to encourage learners to think both creatively and critically, which in turn, gets us to the ultimate goal, learning.

In learning situations it's important that trainers be clear that there should be no evaluation of ideas in the first "stage" of brainstorming, and that in the second stage -- evaluating responses, learners should think deeply and critically about the ideas generated.

In this way, by encouraging THINKING, learning is maximized.

Trainers use a wide variety of learning activites and exercises to promote learning. It's critical that trainers master the "tools of the trade", since exercises and activites that are incorrectly used just use up valuable training time, and can even interfere with job performance once learners return to the workplace.

We've gathered together hand-picked information about what the various training tools entail, and how to use them properly. Whether it's brainstorming, group work, or even simple things like icebreakers and energizers, you'll find guides to their correct use in training seminars.

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Brainstorming is a (usually) large or small group activity designed to generate a lot of ideas about a problem or issue. Commonly used in training, it is not quite as easy to use as might seem the case. Learn about how to use brainstorming more effectively and when it is useful.

Effective brainstorming techniques - Help and How-to By Microsoft
recommended Excellent piece full of how to's and pitfalls associated with brainstorming, including social loafing, loss of face, anchoring, hot housing and production blocking. Hits: 185 )

How to Lead Better Brainstorming Sessions - Now, New, Next - Harvard Business Review By na
Inspire your team to innovation! Sounds easy, right? Just schedule a meeting, title it "innovate new opportunities" or "strategic alignment" or one of those types of titles. Get your team together, kick off the meeting with a vision of the future, and unleash the brainstorming. Capture the good ideas, action item the next steps, and hit the ground running! Hits: 517 )

What is brainstorming and what is it used for? By Robert Bacal
Basic overview of brainstorming as a training and problem-solving techniques and what it is used for. Hits: 184 )

Brainstorming Tips By Robert Bacal
Hints and tips to maximize the effectiveness of brainstorming as a training tool, and to help avoid the pitfalls. Hits: 228 )

What is brainstorming? By na
This is actually the first page of a free online tutorial on brainstorming techniques. It's covered largely as a problem solving tool but the techniques work the same in training. Hits: 110 )

Brainstorming in Training - Step By Step By Robert Bacal
Nine steps to conducting brainstorming during training, either using a large group or multiple small group formats. Hits: 220 )

What can roleplaying be used for in training seminars? By Robert Bacal
What can roleplaying be used for effectively in training sessions. Here's a short point by point list. Hits: 188 )

Step by step guide to brainstorming By J. Baumgartner
As the title suggests, a step by step guide to brainstorming, again within the context of problem solving. Hits: 133 )

Two Brainstorming Techniques--Improving a Classic Creative Process By na
The author suggests that traditional brainstorming is a waste of time and suggests some modifications to improve it. Hits: 139 )

Are there drawbacks associates with brainstorming as a training technique? By Robert Bacal
Learn to avoid the potential pitfalls or drawbacks associated with using brainstorming as an instructional technique. Hits: 193 )

Brainstorming By na
Brainstorming is a large or small group activity which encourages children to focus on a topic and contribute to the free flow of ideas. The teacher may begin by posing a question or a problem, or by introducing a topic. Students then express possible answers, relevant words and ideas. Contributions are accepted without criticism or judgement. Initially, some students may be reluctant to speak out in a group setting but brainstorming is an open sharing activity which encourages all children to participate. By expressing ideas and listening to what others say, students adjust their previous knowledge or understanding, accommodate new information and increase their levels of awareness new Hits: 135 )

7 Brainstorming Rules By Lyndsay Swinton
We all know that a camel was a horse designed by a committee - right?!!. This perfectly demonstrates the unwritten law of business, where the output of a group does not equal the sum of the individual parts. Use these 7 brainstorming rules and techniques and be the exception to the rule, get more from group problem and keep the creative juices focused and flowing... Hits: 557 )

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