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Icebreakers are a means to start training and other group meetings. We've gathered together links to various icebreakers to help you find just the one that suits your purposes, group and objectives.

Icebreakers For Training and Other Group Meetings By na
An excellent list of icebreakers to use in training, that includes instructions for group leaders. Available online and also in adobe acrobat. Hits: 214 )

Free Icebreakers, Introductions, and Hellos By Kate Zabriskie
Several dozen icebreakers you can use and modify to suit your needs. Scavenger hunts, story of my life, six degrees of separation and dozens more. Hits: 242 )

Icebreaker - A good yarn By na
A 10-20 minute activity to help people talk about themselves. Download the instructions here. Hits: 204 )

Football Crazy Energiser or Icebreaker By na
A soccer (football) based icebreaker Hits: 563 )

Feel the Rhythm - A non-verbal icebreaker that promotes listening By Felix Nicolai
A 15 minute exercise that can be used in moderately sized small groups (15-30 people) that is primarily non-verbal, but that still promotes listening and concentration. Hits: 155 )

Out To Dinner Energizer By na
This is a really fun energiser that involves numbers, and takes less than two minutes to do with a group. Hits: 929 )

Ice Breaker Introductions By Paul Edwards
Ice breakers can help to relax participants and can also serve a valuable role in building relationships and a team atmosphere. Here we present ten icebreaker ideas designed to help training participants get to know each other better. Hits: 540 )

Who? Where? When? Fun Humorous Icebreaker for small groups By Nerijus Jankauskas
This fun icebreaker is used to loosen people up through the creation of laughter and amusement without risk to group members. Hits: 341 )

Brief Encounters Icebreaker By na
Have you ever needed to run a workshop where you just knew delegates would be turning up over a period of five or so minutes and you want to get over that embarrassing silence where everyone waits to begin. Well this ice breaker let's you begin immediately. Hits: 721 )

Choose Meeting Ice Breakers Wisely! By Lyndsay Swinton
Well chosen meeting ice breakers bond teams and ease people through the discomfort of getting to know others better. However, a badly chosen ice breaker can cause more discomfort than it cures. Hits: 292 )

The ball of names - Learning Group Member Names By Denis Morel
An icebreaker that involves some physical activity and helps people learn each others' names at the start of a group session or meeting. Hits: 110 )

Training Icebreaker - Short Intros By na
Collection of short icebreakers to be used in the introductions part of a group session. Exercises betwen 2-15 minutes. Hits: 650 )

Map of Europe Icebreaker By Bara Stemper-Bauerova
Use to help group members learn about where they come from. Can be used with any other geographic location. Hits: 94 )

Gordian Knot By Felix Nicolai
Interesting little problem solving puzzle involving light physical contact, that promotes group cooperation. 10-20 minutes with groups of about 15 people Hits: 162 )

Training Icebreaker - Lineup By na
5-7 minute icebreaker but also works as an energizer. Group size, 8-20 Hits: 293 )

Treasure Hunt Icebreaker OR Activity By Tony Geudens
Used in a short form, this can be used as an icebreaker at the beginning of a group session, but also as an activity. Treasure hunt activities are often used in staff orientation sessions. Hits: 110 )

Icebreaker - Group Juggle By na
For between 12-30 people an activity with some physical movement that helps people get to know each othter better. Download the simple instructions here. Hits: 188 )

Icebreaker/TeamTool - Pairing Exercises By na
Not so much an icebreaker as a method of getting people into teams, always a process that can be difficult, boring, or seem arbitrary. Contains a number of methods, similar to each other. Hits: 181 )

Touch blue By Zilvinas Gailius
Short ten minute icebreaker that can be used with any sized groups. Note that since it is based on color, it will not work with color blind as is, so is somewhat problematic. Hits: 151 )

Icebreaker - Who Killed The Cat By na
Fun, lighthearted (it had better be with a title like this one) exercise to warm up an audience. Hits: 391 )

Icebreakers - Idea By n a
These icebreakers will help you to craft your own icebreaking activities for your training sessions. Hits: 443 )

Lemons Anti-Racism Tolerance of Individual Differences Icebreaker Or Activity By Jugo Rostas
Used to help group members focus on the value of differences between people and to broach the subject of tolerance and diversity. Hits: 167 )

MAKE A DATE, REMEMBER A NAME Icebreaker By Viktorija Panovaite
Another icebreaker to help people get to know each other, and learn each others' names. Hits: 111 )

More Training Kickoff Methods By na
More methods to start off training sessions. A nice collection of ideas. Hits: 305 )

Taste other languages - Diversity Icebreaker Or Activity By Pablo Castiñeiras
Great for use in groups with those that speak different languages. Use this to get cross-cultural communication going, as an icebreaker, or energizer activity. Hits: 141 )

Breaking The Ice By Paul Edwards
Some trainers mistakenly think trainees need to be totally serious in order to learn. They see fun group activities as a waste of time and an impediment to the learning process where in fact the opposite is true. When people are comfortable with their surroundings and peers, they are more likely to grasp and accept new ideas. Frequently, people come to training sessions tense from a prior activity or resent the fact that they are present. Ice breakers can help to turn around such negative feelings. Hits: 177 )

The Electric Chair - 15-30 Minute Icebreaker or Energizer By Felix Nicolai
Variation of musical chairs can be used at the beginnig of a session as an icebreaker, or during the session as an energizer. An undemanding physical type activity. Hits: 124 )

Gestures Icebreaker and Name Rememberer By Felix Nicolai
Simple introductory activity to help people remember the names of the group members. Suitable for smaller groups rather than very large ones. Hits: 117 )

Free Icebreakers By na
Three more icebreakers with instructions. Your Worst First Job. Paper-Tearing Exercise. Ten-Dollar Auction Hits: 256 )

The Lottery Win - Training Icebreaker By na
Another icebreaker used to create a positive state of mind at the start of a training session. Takes about fifteen minutes. Hits: 856 )

Newcomers on the island Icebreaker By Laimonas Ragauskas
Icebreaker to familiarize group members with each other, requires very light physical activity (walking), and suggested rhythmic music. Hits: 135 )

The Best Thing - Training Icebreaker By na
10-15 minute icebreaker exercises that encourages group members to introduce themselves in a positive way, to support the positive thinking theme. Hits: 585 )

Human Bingo (30 minute to 1hour) Icebreaker By Réka Incze
Used to help people get familiar with each other. A little longer than many icebreakers, and requires some minimal preparation by the group leader. Hits: 116 )

Insight: 40 Icebreakers for small groups - FREE eBook By Grahame Knox
This is a great, attractive set of icebreakers for use with small groups in the form of a free downloadable ebook. Nice work. Hits: 674 )

GIANTS WIZARDS & ELVES By Athanasios (Sakis) Krezios
A short (less than 10 minutes) exercise useful as an icebreaker or energizer with groups of about 10-20 people, to encourage communication and effective group work. A bit theatrical so it may put off more reticent participants. Hits: 160 )

Time Capsule By Mike Wills
This is a good exercise for practising reaching consensus and for team members to understand each others' values. Hits: 403 )

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