How To Use Role-Playing Effectively In Training Seminars

Role playing is a powerful learning tool, at least for some purposes, but it's one of the least understood training activities. Because of it's power, it has the ability to cause harm in addition to encouraging learning. Here are some points to consider:

  • Role playing without EXPERT individual feedback is just as likely to reinforce wrong behavior as right behavior.
  • Where role playing situations are highly charged (e.g. dealing with yelling and angry customers), role playing tends to devolve into laughing and discomfort, which tends to ruin the learning experience.
  • Role playing should occur only when learners are familiar enough with how they are supposed to practice and behave, or else they will practice the "wrong behavior".

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Role playing is a common techniques used by trainers, and often disliked by participants or learners. While popular it's often misused by trainers who don't realize the power of the technique, and the potential damage that can occur, or even basics about how to do it well. In this section you'll find help with using role playing effectively.

What is script analysis and how can it be used in place of roleplaying? By Robert Bacal
Script analysis is a techniques that partially rpplaces roleplaying and is a safer, more comfortable learning experience for learners as compared to traditional roleplaying, without losing learning effectiveness. Hits: 198 )

What is the difference between roleplaying and psychodrama? By Robert Bacal
The line between training and therapy is important to understand for trainers, and so is the line between conducting psychodrama and using roleplaying. Trainers need to understand the differences. Hits: 191 )

Making A Drama Before The Crisis By John Crace
Companies are using role play sessions with professional actors to teach managers how to handle delicate matters such as making staff redundant. Learn more by reading this article. Hits: 957 )

A Vital Tool In Crisis Negotiation Skills Training By Vincent B. Van Hasselt and Stephan J. Romano
Role-playing also has become a mainstay in the evaluation and training of crisis negotiation skills. Learn the major components of designing good role playing scenarios for negotiation skills training. Hits: 441 )

Tompkins - Role Playing/Simulation (I-TESL-J) By Patricia K. Tompkins
Role playing encourages thinking and creativity, lets students develop and practice new language and behavioral skills in a relatively nonthreatening setting. Role playing can create the motivation and involvement necessary for learning to occur. This paper examines this technique in detail. Hits: 311 )

Role Play By Joanna Budden
This article discusses the benefits of role play in the classroom and tips for effective role play activities. Hits: 786 )

Role-plays - Some Point by Point Hints By Socrates
Point by point hints to help with setting up role playing. Includes decisions a trainer must make and how to go about it. Hits: 183 )

Mood Role Plays By na
How do moods and emotions affect group dynamics? Take the group's pulse by going around the room and having each student state one word that describes how he/she is feeling at that moment. Then divide the class into subgroups so that everyone in each subgroup has a similar mood state (usually, the subgroups fall into somewhat generic categories of "anxious/stressed, relaxed/satisfied, happy/feeling-good, angry/annoyed," etc.) Hits: 410 )

Role Playing Guidelines, Hints, Tips By Harbor and Connick
This free article is aimed to help non-professional role play trainers and facilitators (ie., those without an acting background) to create and provide effective role playing for training and development, and includes the same principles that professional role play facilitators use in designing, writing, and delivering specialised role playing training activities. Hits: 203 )

What is scripted role playing? By Robert Bacal
There are different variations in how role playing can be used in training. One difference has to do with the degree of structure. Learn about what a scripted role play involves. Hits: 197 )

What is the role of feedback in roleplaying? By Robert Bacal
Roleplaying without effective properly provided feedback is a waste and possibly harmful. Here's a short discussion of feedback and roleplays. Much role playing in training is wasted because of trainer ignorance about feedback as a learning tool. Hits: 216 )

Using role play for learning (Law in action: learning through scripted role plays) By Legal Education
This page, taken from the tutor version of Law in action: learning through scripted role plays, provides an explanation of the purpose and educational benefits behind using role plays for learning, with suggestions for introducing them in the classroom. Hits: 800 )

Freeze Exercise By Richard Homan
I learned this exercise from my colleague Richard Homan who uses it in his acting courses. We also used it extensively in our co-taught course The Psychology of Improvisation. It is basically an improvisation/role-playing technique that can be applied creatively to a variety of topics. Interesting, particularly for those who enjoy the improvisation process, but may be a bit out there for business training. Hits: 425 )

Role playing/psychodrama By na
Ever wonder who invented role playing? Well, this short encyclopedia entry suggests the following: Role playing was developed by Jacob Moreno, a Viennese psychologist who contended that people could gain more from acting out their problems than from talking about them, Hits: 129 )

Role Plays in the ESL Classroom By n a
Here's a good idea for a role-playing activity in an 'English As A Second Language' class. Use this idea and adapt it to your own scenarios. Hits: 389 )

Using role play for learning (Law in action: learning through scripted role plays) By na
Recommended An approach to role playing that may have less side effects, and may be better received than non-scripted role playing. Written for legal education, but applicable to all. Hits: 156 )

What is spontaneous roleplaying? By Robert Bacal
Spontaneous roleplaying is another variation in how roleplaying can be configured. Here's a brief explanation including a sample dialogue. Hits: 201 )

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