Adult Learning Theory and Androgogy Not Enough To Guide Trainers

Unfortunately, many trainers have limited contact with and understanding of how people learn, outside of their exposure to adult learning theory and androgogy.

While we should respect the work of Knowles and others, their "theories" are often not theories at all, and are more about the "ideal" learner, than how adults function and learn. There are a number of cogent critiques of the various theories (see below), but the advice we can offer budding trainers is to go as far beyond Androgogy, and seek out exposure to cognitive science research, and even text books that take a much broader, and comprehensive approach to learning.

In other words, the more one can look at the learning process from multiple models and use multiple theories, the more effective you will be. Using only one model means you will certainly be losing opportunities to improve learning in your training offerings.

Top : Adult Learning and Andragogy :

Andragogy, or adult learning is the dominant model for many trainers, but unfortunately, while popular, its principles are not as universal or applicable as might seem the case on the surface. Here we'll cover the basics of adult learning with a view to correcting misconceptions and exercising critical thinking.

Leaders in the Field of Adult Education: Eduard C. Lindeman By Sarah Nixon-Ponder
In 1920, Lindeman wrote about andragogy with Martha Anderson. They stated that andragogy was "the true method of adult learning" (as cited in Brookfield, 1987, p. 127). This was to become one of the most important concepts in the field of adult education. The theory of andragogy was further developed in the 1970s by Malcolm Knowles. Hits: 126 )

40 Helpful Hints & Tips For Making Your ESL Teaching Easier .... By n a
This article appeared in the July/August 1994 issue of Hands-on English, and was one of our all-time, timeless hits! It includes tips from many different teachers. We're including the article here because it is so useful, and hope that you will find it inspiring. Hits: 430 )

Self-direction and informal education By na
Many books and articles about lifelong learning talk glibly about self direction. Too often this idea is seen as unproblematic - an obvious good. But things are not quite as they seem. Hits: 274 )

How to Teach Adult Learners By D. Verne Morland
At most schools of education aspiring teachers are taught the elements of pedagogy %u2013 the art of teaching children. Many aspects of teaching adults are fundamentally different than those employed in teaching children and for this reason a new word gained currency in the late 20th century %u2013 andragogy. This article highlights the important principles in teaching adults and suggests how they can be applied to business training. Hits: 285 )

15 Steps to Cultivate Lifelong Learning By SCOTT H YOUNG
Some simple, but good tips and advice on how to become and stay a life long learner. new Hits: 379 )

How Adult Literacy Practitioners Use Research By Ralf St.Clair, Chia-Yin Chen, and Lyndsay Taylor
This research study investigates how literacy practitioners learn about research results and then apply those findings to their own practice. Read it to learn about practitioners' varying relationships to research or use it as a clear template for how a research report can be structured. Hits: 294 )

Common Adult Education Programs in Technology By n a
There are a variety of tech programs available for those seeking to gain professional knowledge and advancement. Along with tuition reimbursement many companies provide in-house training to their employees trying to keep their companies on the cutting edge. With the benefit of in-house training tech companies are finding themselves in the search for educational developers creating a whole new industry. Hits: 818 )

Lifelong Learning: A Dream: Malcolm Knowles By Malcolm Knowles
This article, written by Malcolm Knowles, will resonate with most adults, but here's the thing. As you read this, ask yourself this: Is this a philosophy about adults "should" learn, or a description of how adults REALLY learn. That's the critical issue when it comes to the application of adult learning principles. Hits: 406 )

Defense Mechanisms for Returning Students By n a
Here's some advice for dealing with adult students who return to college after many years. Some adult students may display certain problems that make tutoring difficult. Here are some common situations, and tips to help elminate the problems. Hits: 192 )

Overcoming Resistance to Self-Direction in Adult Learning Chapter Ten By Roger Hiemstra and Ralph G. Brockett
Book excerpt that suggests ways to counteract adult learners who are not self-directed. Interesting for its practical value, but also because it really does point out that contrary to adult learning theory, not all adults are self-directed learners. Hits: 115 )

Make Learning Matter: Become a Learning Organization By Susan M. Heathfield
Organizations with the best chance to succeed and thrive in the future are learning organizations. Find tips for how you can turn your organization into a learning organization here. Hits: 130 )

Research has clearly demonstrated that adults prefer to assume some responsibility for their own learning. However, some instructors and even some learners resist this notion for various reasons. This chapter presents a framework of micro components or aspects of the teaching and learning process to provide multiple opportunities for learners to make their own decisions. Hits: 111 )

A Guide to Adult Education Options By n a
This article discusses different adult education options like four year universities and colleges, community colleges, trade schools or vocational schools and online education programs. Hits: 837 )

Knowles and Androgagogy - A Balanced Analysis and History By na
Excellent balanced analysis of the history , strengths and weaknesses of Knowles' approach to adult learning. Hits: 368 )

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