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Why Should I Seek a Higher Education? By n a
Society is now placing more importance on higher education than ever before. This article discusses the benefits of postsecondary education. Hits: 752 )

Winning by degrees By n a
See how Europe's universities are the reluctant and unlikely pioneers of public-sector competition. Hits: 90 )

Psychometric testing in Learning and Development By Nadia Damon
Psychometrics can be a key implement in the learning and development toolkit what's more they're ever more easily available. With psychometric and quasi-psychometric packages increasingly available in more convenient and cost-effective DIY formats, learning and development (L and D) departments are able to harness them for a host of applications - including team selection, leadership potential, conflict management, problem-solving and response mechanisms. Hits: 212 )

New Graduation Skills By n a
As business schools start to teach more ethics and practical skills, enrolments are climbing again. Hits: 94 )

Warm Up Your Voice Before Class To Improve The Way You Sound By Jeff Davis
To be a good trainer, you need good diction and a clear speaking voice. Here are some practical exercises you can use to hone your oratory. Hits: 124 )

Take Any College Class for Free: 236 Open Courseware Collections, Podcasts, and Videos By n a
How would you like to take any college class for free? Here are 236 of our favorite open courseware collections that you can learn from, for free. Hits: 1203 )

Scandals of Higher Education By Andrew Delbanco
A discussion of the state of universities and their students today. Hits: 94 )

Spending a Training Budget By Joni Rose
There are many ways to deliver professional development to staff. If you find that your staff is tired of workshops, here are some ideas to spark some new enthusiasm into your training program. Hits: 100 )

To Improve Your Training Lectures, Take This Tip From Stand-up Comics By Jeff Davis
Trainers are entertainers as well as educators, and here's a tip you can use to make sure you deliver consistently high-quality lectures when you teach. Hits: 165 )

The ten tough questions to ask your training vendor By Michael Wilkinson
If you are a typical purchaser considering a facilitation training class to attend or to have taught in-house, there are probably lots of standard questions you would a sk the training vendor. Common questions might include: What topics are taught? What are the desired outcomes? How long is the class? How much does it cost? Can it be customized? Based on these basic questions, you could very easily conclude that facilitation classes are pretty similar, so you might as well choose the least expensive or the most convenient in terms of location. Hits: 206 )

How a Spreadsheet Helped 90 Percent of My Students Earn a Pulitzer By Daniel Stanford
If you think keeping traditional students motivated is a challenge, try getting experienced, brilliant college professors to do their homework with nothing but passion and positive reinforcement at your disposal. That%u2019s where I%u2019ve found myself for the last few years as the lead designer and facilitator of the DePaul Online Teaching Series. new Hits: 129 )

Giving negative feedback well By na
Giving negative feedback sucks. Period. It's uncomfortable for you and it's uncomfortable for the person hearing it. But no matter how much you twist and turn to avoid it, giving negative feedback may be the kindest way to change behaviour. And believe it or not, there are ways of delivering it that make it less painful for all parties involved. Hits: 203 )

Tech & Learning Magazine Free subscription By Newbay
The #1 personally requested magazine serving education technology professionals responsible for implementing and purchasing technology products in K-12 districts and schools. For almost 30 years, Tech & Learning has served the K-12 education community with cutting-edge news, practical resources and expert strategies for transforming education through integration of digital technologies. No other resource helps educators get up to speed with the emerging technologies and products in order to best prepare students for the global digital workforce. Hits: 163 )

Distinguishing Characteristics Among Exemplary Trainers In Business And Industry By James A. Leach
This article reports on a study of trainers in business and industry. The objective of the research was to describe using behavioral and attitudinal terms, the characteristics that differentiate exemplary instructors from average instructors. Hits: 174 )

The Teachable Moment By James Neal
Experience and learning seems to happen in fits, stops, and starts. Sometimes it seems one is going nowhere or even backwards. Other times there is steady, plodding progress. And yet other times seem to be peak learning moments, when everything comes together. Such crescendous learning moments are often very memorable. As people look back over their lives they often note their watershed learning experiences - their first kiss, love, death, achievements, etc. Just prior to significant learning moments, one sits at the eye of the storm, having experienced the ups and downs and arounds, there is suddenly only pure curiosity and confidence in flowing with the task/problem/challenge. This state may be experienced as flow (or optimal arousal). In such moments, an individually is primed for discovering and developing a new understanding of a phenomena. It is a "teachable moment". Hits: 149 )

French Universities - Shaking Them Up By n a
A discussion of the state of universities in France and what can be done to change them in order to match student needs. Hits: 100 )

Education for Non-Traditional Students By Jennifer Prince
With the variety of course formats available, the options for obtaining a college education are almost limitless. Hits: 96 )

Framing the Learning Discussion at Budget Time By David Vance
Budget season is almost here at many organizations and that means learning leaders need to think about how to frame their case for next year's budget. There are different approaches depending on what senior leaders expect from learning and how rigorous the budget process is. new Hits: 92 )

Choosing the Right College By Jennifer Prince
Take the stress out of choosing the right college by organizing your priorities. Hits: 98 )

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