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Questioning techniques and skills fall into the essential elements of effective training. Questioning allows interaction with learners, and among learners, promotes engagement, and helps trainers diagnose learning problems. Here's a collection of hints, tips and advice on the use of questioning techniques in training.

Didactic Questioning By na
Didactic questioning offers the teacher a way to structure the learning process (McNeil & Wiles, 1990). Didactic questions tend to be convergent, factual, and often begin with "what," "where," "when," and "how." They can be effectively used to diagnose recall and comprehension skills, to draw on prior learning experiences, to determine the extent to which lesson objectives were achieved, to provide practice, and to aid retention of information or processes. Teachers should remember that didactic questions can be simplistic, can encourage guessing, and can discourage insightful answers or creativity. However, effectiveness of this method can be increased by the appropriate addition of "why" questions, and the occasional use of "what if" questions. new Hits: 135 )

The Socratic Method By na
Example of the use of the Socratic Method with a child, and about 3rd grade math. Useful because it shows how the technique works. Hits: 819 )

Questioning Strategies for Audience Response Systems By Will Thalheimer
The buzz in the learning industry is focused on e-learning, m-learning, wikis, and blogs; but one of the most powerful learning technologies is being overlooked, probably because it's an in-the-classroom technology--audience response systems. In this research-to-practice white paper I offer a blueprint for how to use audience response systems to maximize higher-order learning in the classroom and beyond. Hits: 515 )

Socratic Questioning By n a
Here are details of the six types of questions that Socrates asked his pupils. The overall effect of these questions is to challenge their accuracy and their completeness of thinking. Hits: 883 )

Open-ended Questions Stretch Academic And Social Learning By Paula Denton, Ed.D
Although this advice is geared towards effective teaching of the young, it can be applied to adult learners. examples of open-ended questions are proved along with explanations as to what makes them so powerful. Tips on how to use these questions to bolster learning are also provided. Hits: 894 )

Five Basic Types of Questions By H.L. Erickson
The five basic types of questions are listed and discussed in detail. Learn more about factual, convergent, divergent, evaluative, and combination questions and how to use them in the classroom. Hits: 995 )

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