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Learn Techniques To Get Your Boss to Listen To Your Ideas and Requests

There are few things worse than feeling that your boss or manager isn't listening to you, or giving you the time you need to talk. Sure, there are managers who never will listen to employees, but the majority of supervisors and managers WILL listen and give you some time, IF YOU APPROACH THEM properly.

How You Approach The Boss Determines Their Attention

Managers often feel overwhelmed, and many are working incredibly long hours, so when you have an idea or a request, let's say to talk about a raise, it's natural that your boss may not feel a sense of urgency, amidst all the other urgent business.

If you want to be listened to and heard, your task is to approach him or her, and communicate in ways that will cause the manager to "sit up and listen", because you make it compelling and useful to listen.

So, HOW you approach your boss is going to determine not only the time you get, but whether your supervisor pays COMPLETE ATTENTION to what you have to say.

And, of course, If you can't get the attention of managers, decision-makers and other people who can affect your career, and you can't talk "the right language", you aren't going to get what you want.

Whether you approach your boss for a raise, or additional responsibilities, or have this great idea to solve a problem, it's ALL in knowing how to present it.

Learn The Secrets of Getting Heard By Your Manager

Getting heard is about relevancy, timing, and phrasing -- the specific words you use to get your ideas across in an attention-grabbing, and compelling way.

The principles aren't difficult. You CAN learn them, and it's worth a lot, since when you start communicating effectively with your manager, not only do you increase your sense of being valued, but communicating with the boss is a huge factor in promotion, increased responsibility, and career advancement.

We've pulled together the principles and actual things to say to your boss to get his or her attention, into a LearnBytes format that you can read and assimilate quickly. Influencing Your Boss - Getting Heard will get you up to speed NOW. We guarantee that you'll be able to use the skills and principles we teach you, the very next day. But you have to start now, because bottom line, it's time to take control of your career, and how you and your supervisor interact.

What You'll Learn About Influencing Your Boss

You'll learn how to "get through the noise" in the heads of decision-makers you want to influence. More specifically:

  • Make what you have to say relevant and IMPORTANT to your boss
  • Use what you know about your boss to get him or her to sit up and listen
  • Present a balanced argument to increase your credibility
  • React positively if the boss rejects my request or suggestion
  • Demonstrate your concern about the welfare of both your company and your boss
  • ..and learn about timing, tying in to your bosses concerns and interests and much more


Remember: It's YOUR career. Take control. Don't wait for your boss to listen. Convince the boss through compelling communication skills.

Your career success is up to you. Click here to learn to communicate effectively with your manager

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