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An in-person class in which online tools and activities replace some but not all scheduled class meeting time. Find material relevant to choosing and using blended learning methods.

THINQ announces results of e-learning trends survey By THINQ
THINQ Learning Solutions, Inc. has announced the results of its 2004 e-Learning Trends survey. The survey, conducted by THINQ, captured feedback from more than 35 learning organisations and revealed the necessity of implementing a multi-pronged - blended - training initiative to derive maximum business benefit from learning. (2004) Hits: 603 )

Meta-Analysis: Is Blended Learning Most Effective? By David Nagel
A meta analysis of studies on the effectiveness of blended learning and its effectiveness. Read it and find out if blended learning is better, worse or the same as other delivery methods. Hits: 648 )

Moving Beyond the 'Does Blended Learning Work?' By Michael B. Horn
Rightly suggests that the issue isn't whether blended learning works, but just like many other social science research questions, we need to look at when and under what conditions blended learning is effective, and when it is not. Hits: 439 )

Blended Learning 2015: What Does It Look Like? Infographic By na
Infographic on the status of blended learning in 2015, includes what does it look like, short review of blended learning practice in 2014, measures of success, shifts in technology. Hits: 351 )

Building Effective Blended Learning Programs. By Harvey Singh
(pdf)In the second wave of e-learning, increasing numbers of learning designers are experimenting with blended learning models. Anecdotal evidence indicated that blended learning not only offers more choices but also is more effective. Hits: 749 )

Is Blended Learning the Best of Both Worlds? By na
The conclusion of this article is that, yes, blended learning CAN be the best of both worlds, but keep in mind that it's usually a case of "under what conditions" is blended learning most effective. Hits: 492 )

Blended Learning Research: The Seven Studies You Need to Know By Michelle Davis
Is blended learning than face to face? Or better than digital? Here are seven important studies that look at blended learning effectiveness so you can examine the sources yourself. Hits: 535 )

Blended Learning (Pt. 1): Changing the Face of Education By Arlene Karidis
A look at how public schools are changing via the use of blended learning techniques to provide more flexibility and learner control. Hits: 480 )

Nine Case Studies: Blended Learning Success in School Districts | Christensen Institute By na
Nine case studies of schools that have successfully leveraged blended learning. Hits: 442 )

vILT: Why it fails By Michelle Moore and Renu Sharma
Virtual instructor-led training (vILT) has been around since we've had the technology, but it often doesn't work well. Here's an analysis of common errors, which lie in the implementation Hits: 639 )

Blended Learning Systems: Definition, Current Trends, and Future Directions By Charles R. Graham
So what is this %u201Cblended learning that everyone is talking about? This chapter will provide a basic introduction to blended learning systems and share some trends and issues that are highly relevant to those who are implementing such systems. To accomplish these goals, the chapter will address five important questions related to blended learning systems such as: What is blended learning?, Why blend? This is a scholarly type article Hits: 523 )

Tim Scholze: "One of the major threats for blended learning is the lack of knowledge of blended learning authors about their learners" By Tim Scholze
Tim Scholze: "One of the major threats for blended learning is the lack of knowledge of blended learning authors about their learners" Hence this interview in Q&A answer form, which is quite good. Hits: 664 )

Blended Learning Overview By Don Clark
A brief look at blended learning - what it is, and various blended learning activities explained. Hits: 772 )

Blended Learning: What Research Says By Tom Vander Ark
Relatively short article that looks at a few of the possible conclusions one can draw about if and when blended learning is effective. Hits: 510 )

Blended learning can significantly increase employee productivity, says study By na
NETg, part of The Thomson Corporation, today announced that phase two of the Thomson Job Impact Study, The Next Generation of Corporate Learning, further reinforces that a blended learning programme incorporating a combination of e-learning, online instruction, simulations, texts, mentor/instructor support and live classroom-based training has the power to significantly increase employee productivity. Hits: 751 )

Is the Technology 'Ready' for Blended Learning? By Michael Horn
Brings up the question as to whether the technological capabilities we have now are equal to the task of delivering blended learning effectively. Hits: 688 )

Blended Learning: A Disruptive Innovation [INFOGRAPHIC] By Knewton
Recent infographic on how blended learning is becoming a disruptive learning technology in Education - what it is, and why it is spreading. Hits: 638 )

Blended Learning Design By Epic Think Tank
When it first arrived, blended learning seemed like a great get-out clause for those who didn't feel 100% comfortable with the new world of online learning. Mix and match, duck and dive: 'We're all blended now, it's just the percentages of online to offline that vary'. But as the practical realities of deploying blended learning begin to bite, it becomes clear that combining online and offline delivery methods in effective learning programmes is a far from simple undertaking. This 12th Think Tank in our series examines key questions that face learning and development professionals in every organization, public or private Hits: 701 )

Blended learning news: Survey forecasts e-learning most effectively supported in blends By na
A new survey by Epic Group plc shows greater clarity emerging about the future role of blended learning within organisations. Hits: 650 )

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