Checklists For Trainers And Teachers: Avoid "Forgetting" Things And Damaging Training Outcomes

It's Easy To Miss Small But Critical Aspects Of Training Delivery

After some thirty five years teaching and delivering training, I've experienced a huge array of little things that get forgotten, or left unchecked, that make the training task much harder, and negatively impact the experience of trainees.

It's pretty amazing how little thing, for example, like forgetting to check site lines in a classroom, or ensuring there are enough power cords can disrupt trainers, and learners, and make the task of training much harder.

It's often the little things that can cause trainers to get flustered, and trainees to get frustrated.

Checklists Can Help

While having various checklists to remind you of the things that MUST be done, and must be checked, both prior to and during training aren't perfect solutions, they can really help trainers. Prior to training sessions, trainers are more occupied with the content of the training, and can forget to do the basic checks that must be done. It's the same for instructional designers

In this section you'll find a variety of checklists you can use as is, or customize to create your own.

Note: Formats vary here, including PDF and Word documents in addition to html (websites). Some may not display well on mobile devices.

All those included are free of charge.

Top : Checklists and Tools :

Checklists for trainers or learners can be used as handy reminders of things to be done before, during and after training. We've included an assortment.

Conversational Skills Rating Scale By NCA
Another evaluation form that can be used in teaching and training on the topic of conversational skills, or you can use it yourself. Contains detailed explanation of the instrument and conversational competencies. Hits: 635 )

Checklist: Selecting And Checking The Training Venue (Word) By Training Toolkit
Your training venue is important, and often trainers forget to check basic things like size, seating set ups, visibility from different spots in the room. Here's a Word checklist to help. Hits: 729 )

Use This Process To Create A Training Knowledge Base By Lauri Elliot
A knowledge base can be a highly effective, inexpensive tool when traditional user training isn't an option. Here's a case study from an IT consultant and trainer that will teach you how to create and manage a training knowledge base. Hits: 1036 )

Pre-course And Post-Course To Do Lists In Word Format By Training Toolkit
Pre- and post-course TO DO checklists to help you track details related to training sessions. There is a list of pre-course activities, such as reserving a room, ordering certificates, creating a participant list, and setting up the room. The post-course list includes items such as collect evaluations and pass out certificates. Keep these lists handy before and during the training. Hits: 809 )

Trainer's Worksheet: In-Class Reminders By USW TMC
This checklist focuses on the things you should remind yourself to do DURING the training sessions. Good stuff here for trainers, particularly beginners. Hits: 807 )

Trainer's ToolKit - Recommended For Trainers Of All Subjects By Florida Department of Health
WOW. Lots of great stuff here in something a lot more meaty than a trainer checklist. Walks through the ENTIRE process from preparing to design a seminar through delivery and evaluation. Hits: 892 )

Coach - Coaching Checklist By na
This is a short very basic checklist that can be used to prepare for coaching an employee. Before conducting a coaching session answer all of the questions below about the employee and the situation. Doing so will help you focus on what to say. Hits: 1124 )

induction training checklist By BusinessBalls
Induction training is another term for onboarding, or new employee orientation. Here's an article you can use as a checklist on this topic, that explains what should be included, ways to make it enjoyable. Hits: 991 )

Planning a course: logistics checklist By na
Excellent checklist that outlines the nuts and bolts of planning a training course, from venue and room checking, equipment prep and checking and food and refreshments. Hits: 861 )

Trainer Checklist- Basic Stuff By na
Not exactly in checklist format but a list of about 20 things you should be doing before, during and after training seminars that you might forget. Hits: 1076 )

HR Document Center - Hazard Communication Training Checklist By NA
Hazards Training - Run through this checklist and note a deadline for the completion of each task (if it has not already been done), as well as who is responsible for seeing that it gets accomplished. Hits: 772 )

Trainer Checklist: Don't Forget To Check These THings By Michelle Ameerali
Lots of items here in this PDF document that contains checklist items for trainers for pre course preparation. Hits: 824 )

The Competent Speaker Speech Evaluation Form By National Communication Association
An evaluation form that can be used to help yourself improve your speaking, or use with those you might be training. This PDF document also presents all of the background information behind the evaluation including speaking competencies. This doc is a pdf and may not display well on all devices, but you should be able to save it. Hits: 628 )

Training Manual Checklist (Word Format) By na
Checklist of items you should be looking at in terms of your training manual, whether it's complete, and ready to go. Also includes other pre-course prep items like name tags, etc. Hits: 940 )

The Virtual Trainer's Checklist for Interactive Training By Terrence L. Gargiulo
This Slideshare page focuses on virtual training, and includes elements to keep in mind and check for training that occurs without direct human interaction. Hits: 814 )

Training 101 Checklist By na
recommended An incredibly detailed 8 page checklist for trainers that covers almost everything one could imagine down to great detail. Get it. In adobe acrobat format. Hits: 1667 )

The Virtual Trainer Checklist By Cindy Huggett
Excellent checklist in PDF format for those that deliver a lot of virtual training or e-training, since the prep for these kinds of sessions is a little different from face to face. Hits: 757 )

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