The Challenges In Designing And Delivering Diversity Training Programs

Increasing Tolerance And Cultural Synergy Via Diversity Strategies

Discomfort with the ways and values of unfamiliar cultural groups can cause problems in the workplace, and of course, that can extend into prejudice and even workplace abuse and toxicity.

Diversity training is one spoke in the wheel or reducing prejudice,  but on it's own it's probably not enough. Organizations need to have a wider strategy for both recruiting, promoting and integrating individuals into their own corporate cultures.

Here are a few tips on both diversity training, and diversity strategies.

  • Essential that employees have the chance to interact with each other, as regular human beings, rather than "examples" of people who have differences. Contact is THE important factor in reducing prejudice.
  • For the reason above, it's important that diversity training include facilitators from various diverse groups. Often a team approach is required, perhaps even mandatory for training.
  • Diversity training should avoid stereotyping any particular cultural or ethnic group. There are lots of reasons for this, but for an example, Aboriginal people vary hugely in terms of values, beliefs, heritage, norms, and so on, such that one aboriginal nation in one part of the country may be as different from another "nation" in the same country as they are from those with Anglo-Saxon heritages.

In the remainder of this section you'll find many resources on corporate strategies to increase inclusiveness, and the design and delivery of diversity related training.

Top : Diversity Crosscultural Multicultural Training :

Diversity or multucultural related training is a challenge due to the emotions often tied up in these issues. Many companies know have required diversity training initiatives. In this section you'll find help with issues encounted in the design and delivery of diversity training, and also more general content of interest to employees and decision-makers

Going Global? Better Rethink Your Diversity Training. By Jennifer Gilhool
Sharing one person's experience with corporate diversity programs for those going to other countries to work. Conclusion: Going global isn't just about sending over expats to "train up" the local national employees. It requires a commitment to diversity that we haven't yet seen in the United States. Women have not achieved a critical mass in leadership in our country in commerce, government or even academia. Diversity training, as it is commonly conducted, doesn't work. It is time to try a different approach Hits: 774 )

Employee Diversity Training Doesn't Work By Lisa Takeuchi Cullen
This article, discussing research from 2007, is probably mis-titled, but it does deal with what works and doesn't work in the field of employee diversity training: Excerpt:So what does work? The study's findings in this area were striking too: at companies that assigned a person or committee to oversee diversity, ensuring direct accountability for results, the number of minorities and women climbed 10% in the years following the appointment. Mentorships worked too, particularly for black women, increasing their numbers in management 23.5%. Most effective is the combination of all these strategies, says Dobbin. Hits: 731 )

Workplace Diversity Hindered By Failure To Communicate By Huffpost
Thrust: That managers are still not grasping the complexities of diversity in the workplace, and that unconscious bias is still rampant and must be dealt with to see real impact. Hits: 762 )

Case Studies: The Value of Diversity Training By University of Notre Dame
Two case studies in brief on how two companies believe they have benefited via their diversity training programs. Hits: 1012 )

How To: Effective Diversity Training By Dana Griffin
Expert advice on the elements of an effective strategy for creating and delivering diversity training. Hits: 1240 )

Diversity Recruiting in a Failure: It's Time to Raise The Bar! By Dr. John Sullivan & Dr. Sally Baack
In depth critique of "diversity recruitment", how the authors believe it has failed, and where to go next. Read it, particularly if you are in HR. Hits: 489 )

Corporate Diversity Training Success of Failure? By Michael Rainey
There is still no agreement on whether diversity training actually has measurable effects in the workplace. Read more. Hits: 739 )

Diversity Training Doesn't Work By Peter Bregman
For years, there has been debate about the value of diversity training, and perhaps it's a complex topic without a clear answer. In this HBR article Bregman states the case for the "doesn't work" camp. Hits: 837 )

Most Diversity Training Ineffective, Study Finds By Shankar Vedantam
Most diversity training efforts at American companies are ineffective and even counterproductive in increasing the number of women and minorities in managerial positions, according to an analysis that turns decades of conventional wisdom, government policy and court rulings on their head. Hits: 569 )

Teaching Diversity - An Approach for Teaching Diversity By University of Wisconsin
Excellent tips and suggestions for increasing student learning and understanding by providing well designed and delivered diversity training. Hits: 1111 )

Diversity Training Doesn't Work By Peter Bregman
An opinion piece (blog) that suggests that diversity training actually promotes prejudice. It's worth noting that this is based on the author's limited experience, and his objections to categorizing people, the latter being a valid but misunderstood issue (on the part of the author). I have no doubt that learning about other cultures and traditions, and increasing contact among people with different cultural backgrounds is a positive activity. Hits: 1150 )

Multicultural Guide or Toolkit Summary By na
Great starting point for understanding multiculturalism and collaboration between communities. Includes bibliography, references, and discusses multicultural communication Hits: 1225 )

Building a Diversity Training Program By Tisa Jackson
Some basic advice on how to build a diversity training program that will be effective in a corporate setting. Hits: 1062 )

Teaching Diversity - Stepping Forward and Back By University of Wisconsim
Diversity exercise instructions related to Full Participation in American Society, Then and Now Hits: 1302 )

Teaching Diversity - Self Awareness By University of Wisconsin
Before training others in diversity trainers need to become increasingly aware of their own identities and fears as they teach about diversity issues. Read more here. Hits: 1208 )

Diversity Training Might Contribute to Diversity Fatigue By SHRM
Examined: Does diversity training backfire because it causes people to get "fed up" hearing about it, and having to deal with it? Hits: 664 )

Negative Impact of Diversity Training By Ruth Mayhew
This opinion piece suggests that if the motivation for diversity training is to avoid law suits, and if the training is mandatory, it may have negative impacts. Hits: 895 )

Diversity training activities (Note, these are not free) By Traineractive
We don't generally include material that must be purchased in our training and development library, but this site has such a large selection of activities one could use in diversity and multicultural training that we decided to include it. Hits: 933 )

(Academic) Multicultural training: Did we forget about our racial minority students? By Derek X. Seward
Multicultural training courses are a primary preparation method employed by counselor education programs to prepare counselors for work with diverse populations (Abreu, Chung, Atkinson, 2000). However, the effectiveness of multicultural training in preparing racial minority students has been questioned. In particular, it has been mentioned that multicultural training courses fail to address the educational needs of racial minority students and have limited effectiveness in the development of cultural competence in racial minority students (Pope-Davis, Breaux, & Liu, 1997; Negy, 1999). However, there is scant empirical research to support these critiques of counseling multicultural training courses. This paper presents a rationale for empirical investigation of multicultural training courses to (1) identify racial minority student cultural learning needs and (2) determine the extent to which multicultural training courses are meeting the training needs of racial minority students. Hits: 866 )

Implications of Silence for Educators in the Multicultural Classroom By Krishna Bista
A Nepali student writes about how teachers of adults can adapt to and understand silence, and cultural differences in how students respond it their classrooms Hits: 541 )

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