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In this section you'll find resources addressing MOOC's, Massive Online Open Courses. These are free university and college courses taken online, but for no credit. Strengths? Weaknesses?

Research: Students' Preferences and Views about Learning in a MOOC By Barak Miri
Academic journal article on what students want and prefer, and their perceptions of MOOCs. Valuable as a way to inform structure, content, etc., for online learning. Hits: 573 )

Research Summary: Who takes Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)? By Stefanie Knoll
Harvard and MIT study involving over 1 million participants in their MOOC's, and their demographics. Hits: 720 )

Research Summary: MOOCs and online learning: Research roundup By Margaret Weigel
Decidedly mixed results come up in this research summary of the effectiveness of MOOCs and online learning. The problem is still completion with so many people dropping out. Hits: 622 )

4 Lessons We Can Learn from Failed MOOC's By Andrew Miller
MOOC's haven't delivered on their promise as learning tools on a wide scale. Here are 4 tips about how one can make MOOC's work. Hits: 644 )

New Arizona State MOOC For Credit: Another blow to traditional college By Stuart M. Butler
Slowly online learning, and specifically MOOCs are more and more available in higher ed, but not as replacements for in person instruction. That's changing. Arizona State is now allowing university credits, and payment upon completion rather than enrollment. Hits: 502 )

A review of MOOCs and their assessment tools By Tony Bates
If you are a MOOC advocate, and like complex analysis and articles, check this out. Contains a taxonomy of types of MOOCS, and a lot more, but this article might hurt your head. Hits: 526 )

Top challenges For MOOC's And Startup Companies By Lauren Hepler
MOOC's from a business perspective. There are a number of challenges in starting up companies to deliver MOOC's to the world on a wise scale. Here they are. Hits: 838 )

Who's Benefiting from MOOCs, and Why By Chen Zhenghao et al.
The jury is still out on how successful MOOC's are, due to the horrible completion rates reported, but here's a positively slanted article on who IS benefiting. Hits: 611 )

Stanford's John Hennessy: MOOCs are failing students - Too HARD? By Sarah Drake
A bit distressing that Stanford's Pres. thinks MOOC's are too hard, but that seems to be his take. Hits: 838 )

An Epic Fail for Massive Open Online Courses? By MICHAEL B. HORN
A look at Coursera, and whether offering university level courses will, and is working. One point made: That universities are not necessarily the best at teaching. Interesting point. Hits: 778 )

Are MOOCs Really A Failure? By Susan Adams
That's what The New York Times suggested today, drawing on new research from the University of Pennsylvania. But as the Times also acknowledged, in some ways MOOCs (short for massive open online courses) show great promise. According to the research, conducted by Penn's Graduate School of Education, only about half of the people who register for MOOCs even look at a single lecture, and an average of just 4% of enrollees complete the courses. In some classes, just 2% of students finish. The Penn research tracked 1 million students of 16 MOOCs offered by Penn professors through a for-profit company called Coursera. Hits: 656 )

Research: Exploring the factors affecting MOOC retention: A survey study By Kate S. Hone
Research study looks at what might affect the degree to which MOOC attendees actually complete the course. Not surprisingly, it's the course content, among other variables. Hits: 645 )

The Current MOOC Trends Worth Knowing About By Katie Lepi
Although a few years old, contain lots of interesting numbers on use of MOOC's and trends, particularly in higher education. Hits: 451 )

Online Courses Raise Their Game: A Review of MOOC Stats and Trends in 2014 By na
Analysis of statistics related to the status of MOOC's in 2014. A good indicator of future trends? Perhaps. Hits: 513 )

Has the MOOC RevolutionDrifted Off Course? By Eric Westervelt
e year ago, many were pointing to the growth of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, as the most important trend in higher education. Many saw the rapid expansion of MOOCs as a higher education revolution that would help address two long-vexing problems: access for underserved students and cost. In theory, students saddled by rising debt and unable to tap into the best schools would be able to take free classes from rock star professors at elite schools via Udacity, edX, Coursera and other MOOC platforms. But if 2012 was the "Year of the MOOC," as The New York Times famously called it, 2013 might be dubbed the year that online education fell back to earth. Faculty at several institutions rebelled against the rapid expansion of online learning -- and the nation's largest MOOC providers are responding. Hits: 537 )

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