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Professors and other teaching staff at higher education are often ill prepared or not prepared at all for the responsibility of helping others learn. In this section we'll have material to help college and university staff develop their teaching abilities.

Does Your Learning Space Attract Millennials? By LADAN NIKRAVAN
Employers competing for young, tech-savvy talent should keep an eye on Larry Schnuck, senior principal and higher education team leader at architecture firm Kahler Slater. While Schnuck sees value in employee development, and its ability to attract Gen Y, he thinks there's a way to attract college graduates that corporate America is missing. Without the right learning space, the learning offered could be moot. That's why universities are using design to meet Gen Y's expectations and why employers should do the same. I spoke with Schnuck to find out exactly how CLOs can revamp their learning spaces. Hits: 763 )

Ad≠juncts Are Bet≠ter Teachers Than Tenured Professors, Study Finds - Teaching - The Chronicle of Higher Education By Dan Berrett
Students learned more when their first in≠struc≠tor in a dis≠ci≠pline was not on the ten≠ure track, as com≠pared with those whose in≠tro≠duc≠tory pro≠fes≠sor was tenured, ac≠cord≠ing to a new pa≠per from Northwestern University. The paper, "Are Ten≠ure-Track Professors Bet≠ter Teachers?," was re≠leased on Mon≠day by the National Bureau of Economic Research, and it sheds new light on the hot≠ly debat≠ed top≠ic of whether the in≠creased use of ad≠junct instructors is help≠ing or hin≠der≠ing stu≠dents' learn≠ing. The re≠search≠ers found "strong and con≠sis≠tent ev≠i≠dence that Northwestern fac≠ul≠ty out≠side of the ten≠ure sys≠tem out≠per≠form ten≠ure track/ten≠ured pro≠fes≠sors in intro≠duc≠tory undergraduate class≠rooms," wrote Da≠vid N. Figlio, director of Northwestern's Institute for Policy Research; Mor≠ton O. Scha≠piro, the uni≠ver≠si≠ty's pres≠i≠dent; and Kev≠in B. So≠ter, an as≠so≠ciate con≠sult≠ant at an organization called the Great≠est Good, which uses economic methods and data analysis to help businesses. Hits: 731 )

Are Clickers in The Classroom A Toy Or A Useful Learning Aid By Derek Bruff
Technology doesn't always improve learning, so you'll have to decide for yourself whether clickers in higher ed classrooms are useful, or a distraction from learning. Hits: 585 )

The Multiple Roles of the College Professor By Michael Theall
College teaching is a profession built on top of another profession--a meta-profession. Individuals come to the professoriate with specific--professional--knowledge and skills, including content expertise, practice/clinical skills, and research techniques. These skills constitute what may be called the base profession of college faculty. But college professors are immediately called upon to perform at professional levels in four possible roles: teaching, scholarly or creative activities (including research), service to the institution and community, and administration Hits: 636 )

Getting Students to Do the Readings (College and University Level) By Linda B. Nilson
When students come to college or university class and haven't read their assigned texts, it messes up the interactions in the class. Here are some tips on how to get college students to actually read their stuff. Hits: 643 )

Challenging and Supporting First-Year Students To THINK By Calvin B. Peters
The challenge (and frustration) of first-year instruction was perhaps best captured not too long ago by a student in a colleague's chemistry course. My colleague had reworked the course to emphasize problem solving and the application of basic chemical principles to real world situations, moving it away from memorized facts and routine calculations that had formed the bulk of the curriculum. At the end of the course, a student summed up the effort: "Thinking is fine, but learning is what I am here for." First-year students come to us with their own notions of what constitutes learning. Because, for the most part, they are in the early stages of intellectual development, many students define learning as accumulating facts and memorizing right answers, and they've honed their study skills to do just that. Hits: 595 )

Teaching Rigorous and Reflective Thinking By Derek D. Turner
Defining what we mean by critical and reflective thinking is an essential first step in teaching it to college and university students. Here's a start at clarifying the meaning. Hits: 629 )

Higher Education: Mentoring - Functions, Roles, and Interactions By Gloria Pierce
Dispelling the myths and misconceptions that cloud our understanding of mentoring enables senior faculty to help new faculty gain insight into the academic world. Higher education seems to be in the throes of a "mentoring mania" where the term mentor and mentoring appear frequently in titles of books, workshops, and courses. Unfortunately, the overuse of the term has made it the "Zelig" of developmental relationships: chameleon-like and indistinct. Clarifying the various functions, roles, and interactions that are subsumed under the term "mentor" can help those who wish to assume this crucial, formative role. Hits: 672 )

6 Technologies That Will Impact Higher Ed By na
Higher education is experiencing a huge amount of change, some by virtue of new technologies that are potentially providing new options for learning delivery. This article deals with six technologies that are likely to have the most impact at universities. Hits: 662 )

6 Ways Campuses Are Scaling Up E-Learning in 2013 By na
Universities are being changed by the elearning paradigm as much or more than anywhere else. Three CIO's of universities talk about where they would like to go with it. Hits: 554 )

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