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Educational systems tend to mirror the values and beliefs existing in the general society, and most cultures stress the competitive nature of the world, particularly the job world. As a result our schools tend to be based on an implicit model of competition based on the theory of limited resources. The most blatant examples of this competitive environment can be seen in many standardized tests, where the results are stated in percentiles -- ie. where one ranks relative to all other takers of the test.

Cooperative Learning Focuses On Teamwork, and Working Together To Learn

The cooperative learning movement focuses on both learning content, and also on learning how to work with others, thus attempting to teach important social and problem solving skills to students. Often, learning activities involve working in groups, where the success of group members is tied to the success of the group.

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Encouraging CL in Higher Education By Dr. Theodore Panitz, EdD and Patricia Panitz, MLS
The verdict is in. Research studies overwhelmingly favor collaborative learning (CL) as the most effective form of learning (Johnson & Johnson 1984). Yet, despite all the studies and anecdotal experiences reported by teachers and researchers, the paradigm remains largely unused. This article will explore the nature of collaborative learning in higher education and what can be done to promote it. The paper consists of five sections, each dealing with a different aspect of CL. Hits: 612 )

Cooperative Learning Structures And Techniques By n a
Learn about some techniques associated with cooperative learning such as paired annotations and focused listing. Details about these specific techniques and more can be found here. Hits: 620 )

Why CL Is Not Used By Dr. Theodore Panitz, EdD
Learn why some teachers resist using cooperative learning techniques in their classroom. Hits: 763 )

The Jigsaw Classroom By n a
Read an overview of the jigsaw classroom, and learn how to implement this strategy. Also, pick up a bit of history regarding the jigsaw classroom. Hits: 669 )

Learning by Doing By Richard M. Felder and Rebecca Brent
Here are som random thoughts about cooperative learning. Hits: 653 )

Guide to cooperative learning By na
Recommended A good overview and guide to cooperative learning provides definition, what is required to make it work, team formation exercises, managing cooperative learning and descriptions of commonly used techniques. Hits: 548 )

Cooperative Learning Process Guidelines By na
Another excellent resource on cooperative learning exercises, it walks you through the entire process of building an exercise, from setting the goals, to planning the debrief. Hits: 628 )

Cooperative Learning By na
Cooperative learning is an instructional strategy that simultaneously addresses academic and social skill learning by students. It is a well-researched instructional strategy and has been reported to be highly successful in the classroom. Hits: 552 )

Comparing Student Performance Using Cooperative Learning (IREE) By DR Marburger
The purpose of this paper is to investigate empirically student performance in principles of microeconomic staught via co-operative learning versus the traditional lecture. A major distinction between this study and previous empirical works is that co-operative learning did not serve as a supplement to the traditional lecture. Whereas performance on multiple choice exams was fairly comparable, students who were enrolled in the co-operative learning class were better able to apply theory on a project that required a higher level of economic reasoning than those who learned the course . Hits: 551 )

Cooperative Learning Process Guidelines - Managing the Cooperative Learning Exercise By na
Guidelines and a process for setting up cooperative learning exercises in the classroom. A good guide for practice. Hits: 562 )

Cooperative Learning In Technical Courses By Richard M. Felder
This study includes a discussion of the elements of cooperative learing, some in-class exercises and some out-of-class exercises. You will also learn the benefits and pitfalls of cooperative learning. Hits: 740 )

Critical Perspectives on Cooperative and Collaborative Learning By na
Reviews some of the critiques of cooperative and collaborative learning. Hits: 544 )

Cooperative Learning Saves the Day! -- One Teacher's Story By Cara Bafile
Dr. Theodore Panitz was a popular educator whose courses filled with eager students, but he had a problem. When the time came to test the students' understanding of mathematical concepts, they struggled. His own investigation led Panitz to the discovery that his teaching method was building up his own powers of problem solving -- not his students'. What was the answer to this baffling problem? Cooperative learning. Hits: 515 )

67 Benefits of Cooperative Learning By n a
- This article presents a listing of the benefits ov CL in two arrangements. The first is by topic and the second is by a numerical listing which does not consider where the benefit fits into a topic. Hits: 728 )

Research report talking about the good points and challenges of using cooperative learning techniques. Hits: 708 )

As part of the longitudinal study, Dr. Felder and Dr. Rebecca Brent, a professor of education at East Carolina University, adapted or devised procedures for implementing cooperative learning in courses that stress quantitative problem solving. These procedures are summarized in this report. The objectives of the report are to offer some ideas for using cooperative learning effectively in technical courses, to give advance warning of the problems that might arise when CL is implemented, and to provide assurances that the eventual benefits to both instructors and students amply justify the perseverance required to confront and overcome the problems. Hits: 676 )

The Power of Cooperative Learning By na
Written primarily regarding children in schools, you may find some hints for using collaborative/cooperative learning with adults in training. Excerpt: Cooperative learning is a term that has been used in education circles for years, but it is one of those terms that never goes out of style. There are many forms that cooperative learning can take, but the simplest definition of cooperative learning is a group of children working together. Cooperative learning can be a powerful tool in the classroom and masterful teachers can use it to accomplish many different academic and social goals. It can be used in almost any subject area and with all students. It has been proved as an effective strategy to use with diverse populations including special needs students, those identified as gifted, and English Language Learners. The benefits, both academic and social, are innumerable and teachers would be wise to look for opportunities to use this tried and true approach. Hits: 542 )

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