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An energizer is a brief activity that is intended to increase energy in a group by engaging them in physical activity, laughter, or in ways that engage the members cognitively (problem-solving). They can be used with any group, including during training.

Another Collection of Free Energizers By na
The following activities can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used for beginning of the year activities, energizers for breaks during standardized tests, team building activities, etc. They work for almost any age group--try some at the next faculty meeting. Some of them will guarantee a good laugh! Most Read Hits: 7736 )

Now You're 30 Energizer By na
Share this set of statements about being 30 to evoke laughter and as an energizer and get group members to add to the list. Fun. Hits: 5089 )

Strange But True Energizer Statements By na
Share these with your group, or have your group come up with their own strange but true statements. Lots of fun and surprise. Hits: 4780 )

Helium Stick Energizer (physical task) By na
This energizer has people solve a relatively simple physical task. Physical type energizers are useful for breaking up the training. Hits: 4523 )

Concentration Energizer For Fun (10-15 Minutes) By na
Arrange participants into two equal lines facing each other. Once group turns around while the other gets 30 seconds to change 10 things about them (switch jewelry, change hair style, untie shoelaces, switch watch to other arm, trade clothing, etc.) as long as they are all things in sight. The first group turns back around and must identify the 10 changes. After they identify the changes, or time is up they swap so they other team gets to make changes while they guess. Hits: 2482 )

Memory Teasers Energizer By na
Here are 3 memory teasers that we use in our trainings. They're quick to use, less that 10 minutes and they ensure your delegate's brains are working overtime. They're also fun and if worked in with a team competition, really stretching. Most Read Hits: 7569 )

Easiest Ever Quiz Energizer By na
Fun little quiz to use humor in the class. You may be familiar with the items in this list. Most Read Hits: 8574 )

Collection of Free Energisers By Archer Training
Our collection of energisers is growing but what exactly are they? During training workshops, training events and talks, your audience will not always be attentive. When energy is low you can use Neuro Energisers or Physical Energisers to wake up their brains. Do tell them what you are doing - audiences are fascinated as to the latest brain research. If you don't tell them what you're doing, the pragmatic ones will think they are just playing games and you'll get a smelly mark on your happy sheet! And always try to link the icebreaker to the session content as this gets you to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Most Read Hits: 9150 )

Its So True Energizer By na
This energizer involves providing statements to the group to evoke humor OR, have the group chime in their own "it's so true" statements Most Read Hits: 5463 )

Energizers: a lot of sense in nonsense (Appears to be intended for use by Camp Counsellors) By Faith Evans
Games are ideal for awakening the "I," as well as the sense of "we" of the collective community of campers and staff. The seeming nonsense of energizer games works well for many occasions: in the beginning of a session to focus and connect a group, in the middle of the session as a transition point from one activity to another, and in the end of a session to leave the group with a stimulating experience as well as a positive adjournment. Energizers are short, direct, simple, and work well with all ages. Hits: 4657 )

Green Glass Door Energizer (2-25 group size) By Holden Leadership Center
Tell participants that we are going on a picnic and in order to come on the picnic, they need to go through the green glass door. To get through the green glass door each participant must bring something to the picnic. What they can bring to the picnic depends on the first letter of their first name. Each person may only bring objects to the picnic that start with the letter of their first name. For example: The facilitator (whose name is Sam) would start by saying. "I am going through the green glass door and I'm bringing Sandwiches, but I am not bringing the watermelon. What are you bringing Larry?" Larry might respond by saying I'm going to bring the potato salad, but I am not going to bring the juice. In which case the facilitator might say, I'm sorry Larry, you can't bring the potato salad, but Patty, you could bring the potato salad. Continue doing this until everyone catches on to the rule. Hits: 1404 )

Grab Bag Skits (Longer Physical Energizer - 15-25 minutes) By Holden Leadership Center
Organize people into groups of 3-6 people. Hand out bags filled with random items. Explain that each group must come up with a skit that uses all of the items in the bag. Encourage the groups to be creative with the items in their bag. Objects can be whatever they imagine them to be (i.e. a hairbrush can be a microphone, a roller skate can be a time traveling device, etc.). As a facilitator you can create pre-made skit topics for each group, or you can give all of the groups a vague topic relating to your organization/ company/ conference. Give groups 5-7 minutes to create a three minute skit. Have each group perform their skit in front of all the other groups. Hits: 1496 )

Energizers For The Young Folk (Intended for Classroom Use) By na
Something a little different. These downloadable energizers are intended for use in classroom settings with younger students. There are collections for various subject matter - middle school science, middle chools social studies, elementary K-5, music and more. Hits: 3496 )

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