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It's ironic that memory is one of the most studied aspects of learning, but it's almost never discussed in training circles except in the most superficial ways. That's probably because the research and study of memory tends to be a bit technical, which many trainers prefer to avoid, because it's hard work. We'll cover this essential field here.

Memory By JS Atherton
Memory is of course central to learning, which could not happen without it: indeed “memorising” is a synonym for the lowest levels of rote learning. The diagram to the right illustrates schematically the current view of memory, based on the model of Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968). Input of sensory information starts at the top, goes through “sensory memory” or a “sensory buffer” into short-term memory (STM), and hence to long-term memory (LTM). Hits: 641 )

Instant Replay - Building Long-term Memory By Kate Melville
Princeton scientists have discovered a key mechanism the brain uses to transfer short-term memories into permanent storage, a finding that could have broad implications for understanding how the brain maintains long-term stability. Researchers led by neuroscientist Joe Tsien found that the brain appears to have a system of repeatedly replaying and reinforcing the same cellular event that led to the initial formation of a memory. The reinforcement is critical for creating the cell-to-cell connections that constitute long-term memories, the researchers found. Hits: 579 )

In Defense of Working Memory Training By Scott Barry Kaufman
Cutting edge stuff on brain training. One minute we're being told that brain training makes you smarter, and the next minute we're told it's all bogus. Confused? I don't blame you. The research literature on brain training is confusing and even sometimes contradictory. This is the way of science. I believe, however, that there is hope in making sense of things if the field and the media can move beyond broad conclusions to look at more nuanced effects. In his recent New Yorker piece, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gareth Cook concluded that working memory training will not make you smarter. According to Gareth, "Playing the games makes you better at the game, in other words, but not at anything anyone might care about in real life." But is this really the most informative conclusion we can draw from the data? Hits: 506 )

Human Memory Model By na
Scientists do not yet understand many things about human memory and many of the ideas and theories about it are still quite controvercial.%uFFFD The following discussion emphasizes some of the more widely agreed upon ideas.%uFFFD For instance, most scientists agree that it is very useful to describe human memory as a set of STORES which are "places" to put information, plus a set of PROCESSES that that act on the stores. Hits: 558 )

Memory bottleneck limits intelligence By Tanguy Chouard
An explanation of how working memory limits our ability to process information, and working memory limits have implications for how one teachers and trains. Hits: 730 )

Memory By na
Decent primer on human memory suitable for those with little background in psychology, but also contains references and citations Hits: 865 )

Classics in the History of Psychology -- Ebbinghaus (1885/1913) Chapter 1 By Ebbinghaus
First chapter in a book on memory from Ebbinghaus published in 1885. Entire book available. This is classic work on memory meaningful stimuli Hits: 506 )

Cognitive Science: Memory and Learning By Berkeley EDU
Awesome summary of cognitive science findings on how to use what we know about memory to enhance learning in training and teaching. Hits: 471 )

Research Summary: Memory tests reduce mind wandering and improve learning of online lectures By John Wihbey
Summary of single study research that suggests that tests can have an important effect on encouraging learning and retention. Hits: 628 )

Is Taking Notes On Computer As Good As Longhand? By Maggy McGloin
According to a recent study, people learn more effectively if they take notes via longhand compared to on a computer. Hits: 609 )

Memory - Excellent Article To Start By JS Atherton
Memory is a very complex topic, much researched and at the heart of the “cognitive revolution”: what follows is therefore even less reliable than usual, but it has been filtered and distilled with the needs of teachers in mind: please go elsewhere for a synoptic view, such as Gross (1996) ch 12; Rose (1993) Hits: 641 )

Cognitive training shows staying power By Barbara Cire
Training to improve cognitive abilities in older people lasted to some degree 10 years after the training program was completed, according to results of a randomized clinical trial supported by the National Institutes of Health. The findings showed training gains for aspects of cognition involved in the ability to think and learn, but researchers said memory training did not have an effect after 10 years. The report, from the Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) study, appears in the January 2014 issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. The project was funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR), components of the NIH. Hits: 523 )

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Understanding Working Memory (9)
Most of us understand long and short term memory, but there's a third type studied by cognitive scientists, working memory. It's a kind of scratch or work area, and it's been studied for it's relationships to mental disabilities, aging changes, child development and more. It's important to understand working memory to better develop instruction.

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